Kicking Off The 2017 Season

The NFL just released the 2017 regular season schedule.

What games should get you excited, which games could be must see tv, and what games will put you to sleep? Here comes your NFL Tv guide, don’t change that channel…


Best Match-Up

NY Giants @ Dallas Cowboys Sun. 8:30 Pm

Over the last few seasons, this match-up has been extremely competitive and entertaining. It always seems to be a close game, and something special always seems to happen.

Games That Make You Go Hmm…

Seattle Seahawks @ GB Packers Sun. 4:25 Pm

Two of the NFC”s best. One of the leagues best match-ups in recent years.

KC Chiefs @ NE Patriots Thurs. 8:30 Pm

It’s the first game of the year, it’s a must watch. Just try your best to ignore Alex Smith.

Oakland Raiders @ Ten Titans Sun. 1:00 Pm

Mariota vs. Carr, Possible AFC Title Game Preview?

Nap Time Special

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans

Having Blake Bortles face off with the NFL’s best D is like showing up to a gun-fight with a spoon. Also the Texans look to be starting Tom Savage. Only watch this for gambling and fantasy reasons.


Best Match-Up

GB Packers @ Atlanta Falcons Sun. 8:30 Pm

Atlanta throttled the Pack in the playoffs, will Rodgers and crew get their revenge?

Games That Make You Go Hmm…

Wash. Redskins @ LA Rams Sun. 4:25 Pm

Its Master vs. Student as Gruden and McVey square off.

NE Patriots @ NO Saints Sun. 1:00 Pm

This could be the last ever Brady vs. Brees showdown. Also, could we see a little home Cooks-ing in Brandin’s homecoming?

Phi. Eagles @ KC Chiefs Sun. 1:00 Pm

Master vs. Student Part II. This game is gonna feature a whole lot of short passes.

Nap Time Speciel

Chi. Bears @ TB Bucs Sun. 1:00 Pm 

The Mike Glennon revenge game. The Bucs are one of the leagues bright up and coming teams, the Bears just gave MIke Glennon Osweiler-Money.


Best Match-Up

Hou. Texans @ NE Patriots Sun. 1:00 Pm

In their play-off match-up, the Texans D gave Tom Brady fits. Can’t wait to see what adjustments the Pats make.

Games That Make You Go Hmm…

Oak. Raiders @ Wash. Redskins Sun. 8:30 Pm

Gruden’s traditionally fare well against the Raiders.

Bal. Ravens @ Jax. Jaguars 9:30 Am (London)

Start your Sunday off right with some football for breakfast.

Sea. Seahawks @ Ten. Titans Sun. 4:05 Pm

Could this be Mariota’s coming out party against the legion of boom?

Nap Time Special

Mia. Dolphins @ NY Jets Sun. 1:00 Pm

Have you seen the Jets QB depth chart? If you havent, don’t. If you have, please go wash out your eyes.


Best Match-Up

Pit. Steelers @ Bal. Ravens Sun. 1:00 Pm

How is this not a prime time game? Might be Big Ben’s last trip to Baltimore. Great rivalry, these teams hate each other.

Games That Make You Go Hmm…

Ind. Colts @ Sea. Seahawks Sun. 8:30 Pm

Lets see which team gets its QB killed first.

NO. Saints @ Miamphi Dolfins

Nap Time Special

Jax. Jaguars @ NY Jets Sun. 1:00 Pm

THis game is like a trainwerck. You know you shouldnt watch, buy you just cant look away.

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