Ezekiel Elliott – Where Do We Go From Here?

Today, the NFL announced that Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott was suspended 6 games for Domestic Violence under the NFL’s new policy.

DALLAS, Tx. — Per their investigation, there is photographic evidence of three separate occasions of injuries sustained by his girlfriend Tiffany Thompson, who deserves to be known by her name and not just as an extension of Elliott.

Let me start off by stating how reprehensible I find domestic violence. Using a relationship and the dependence that goes along with it to physically abuse someone is the lowest of the low. This wasn’t a mistake. This was THREE separate occasions. Injuries to her face, her arms, her wrist, her neck, her shoulders, her knees, her hips. This is a pattern of violence that cannot and will not be overlooked.

The NFL finally got it right. 6 games is the suspension agreed upon between the league and union for a first domestic violence issue. A second issue, per local media reports, will result in a lifetime ban. The onus now comes on the rest of us to ensure he’s forever known for what he did. And Jerry Jones is forever tainted for defending him, knowing full well what happened. But that’s Jerry. The same guy who called Greg Hardy an integral leader and part of the franchise. The same guy who’s gotten away with things no other owner could. The NFL finally did the right thing, and brought the hammer down as they should have.

Elliott had a outstanding rookie season last year, he rushed for 1,631 yards and 15 TDs in route to ROY and a 13-3 record with fellow rookie Dak Prescott. Will these new allegations put a taint in his career?
A lot of media types keep bringing up Josh Brown, as if to say the NFL is unfair or uneven. These two things can be true: Josh Brown wasn’t suspended long enough and Ezekiel Elliot deserved six games. The NFL has learned (maybe) from its past mistakes and is rectifying the issue by treating Ezekiel Elliott the way all domestic abusers should be.

So, where do we go from here? Fantasy football can wait another day. For now, let’s just hope that Ms. Thompson can get the help she needs and get on with her life. Everything else is secondary.

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