Week 5 Preview

Its October, and we have four weeks in the books. The Chiefs are the lone undefeated and the Giants have as many wins as you and me. What will happen this week? Lets Find out…

Thursday Night Football – 8:25 PM

2-2 NE Pats (-5) @ 2-1 TB Bucs

New England’s D has been awful, the Bucs D hasn’t been much better. This has all the looks of a short week shoot-out. I’ll take the Gunslingin’ Goat for the W.

Pats 38 – Bucs 31 

Sunday Afternoon – 1:00 PM Kick-Offs

3-1 Buf Bills @ 1-3 Cincy Bengals (-3)

The Bills are in first place this late in the season for the first time since the last ice age. The Bengals are winless against non-Cleveland based teams this season. The Bills D has been flying all over the field this year. Andy Dalton could be in for a long day.

Bills 24 – Bengals 17

2-2 NY Jets @ 0-4 Cle Browns (Pick Em)

The Jets have surprised many by simply not being winless at this point. The Browns haven’t had a winning season since the Wright brothers invented flight. I think the Browns are due, they have to win at some point right?

Browns 27 – Jets 24

3-1 Car Panthers @ 3-1 Det Lions (-2.5)

Both teams are 3-1 despite being pretty inconsistent. So who shows up this week? How will Cam Newton handle the added scrutiny from his sexist comments this week? Somehow I think Stafford pulls another one out.

Lions 23 – Panthers 18

0-4 SF 49ers @ 1-3 Ind Colts (-1.5)

Both of these teams are pretty awful, but that should make this match-up fun. Buckle up for a Brian Hoyer / Jacoby Brissett Shoot-out. Feeling the Niners getting that first and maybe only win on the season.

49ers 34 – Colts 30

2-2 Tenn Titans @ 1-2 Mia Dolphins (No Line Yet)

This game could come down to which quarterback plays. If Marcus Mariota is healthy enough to suit up, the Titans could roll over the Dolphins. If Jay Cutler is healthy enough to start for the Dolphins, the Titans should roll over the Dolphins. Cutler is really, really bad at this whole football thing.

Titans 28 – Dolphins 10 

0-4 LA Chargers @ 0-4 NY Giants (-3.5)

Both of these teams are winless. Will one of them win this one? The Chargers have shot themselves in the foot a few times so far this year and could easily have a win or two. The Giants have looked dreadful at times. I have an inkling that Rivers gets one over on Manning.

Chargers 27 – Giants 24

2-2 Arz Cards @ 3-1 Phi Eagles (-6.5)

Last week the Cards needed overtime just to beat the 49ers. This week they should be able to win in regulation.

Cards 23 – Eagles 20

2-2 Jax Jaguars @ 3-1 Pit Steelers (-8.5)

The Jaguars are a really good team when they play in England. Pittsburgh is not in England. The Jaguars are in trouble.

Steelers 24 – Jags 6

Sunday Afternoon 4:05 Kick-Offs

2-2 Sea Seahawks @ 3-1 LA Rams (-1)

The Seahawks have been one of the NFC’s best teams in recent memory, but their team building may have some flaws. For example, it seems as if they stocked thier O-Line by hanging out at the parking lot of a Home Depot.

Rams 28 – Seahawks 21

2-2 Bal Ravens @ 2-2 Oak Raiders (-2.5)

Joe Flacco has played so poorly this year that his team is a two and a half point underdog against EJ Manuel. Derek Carr being out could be the only reason this game is close. Hell, the way the Ravens have played on offense this year David Carr may be able to win this one for the Raiders.

Raiders 17 – Ravens 5

Sunday Afternoon 4:25 Kick-Off Prime Time

3-1 GB Packers @ 2-2 Dal Cowboys (-2)

A rematch from last years playoffs. Aaron Rodgers pulled off some late game heroics in order to win last year, will he do it again? Can Dallas get back to the winning formula from last season? My money would be on Rodgers in a shoot-out.

Packers 35 – Cowboys 28

Sunday Night Football 8:30 Kick-Off

4-0 KC Chiefs (-1) @ 2-2 Hou Texans

The Chiefs survived the Redskins and remained the leagues last undefeated team on Monday night. The day before the Texans took the Titans back to the woodshed. The Chiefs have looked great this season but have yet to face a task as stout as the Texans D. Can Deshaun Watson keep his magical rookie season rolling? The Chiefs are on a short week and the Texans D should be ready.

Texans 27 – Chiefs 23

Monday Night Football – 8:30 Kick-Off

2-2 Min Vikings @ 1-3 Chi Bears (No Line Yet)

Lots of QB intrigue in this one. Will Sam Bradford play? Can Mitch Trubinsky save the Bears franchise all in one night? Will the Vikings O-Line block anybody? The Bears season was over before training camp started, if Trubinsky at least flashes some streaks of brilliance than maybe the rest of the season will bring the beleaguered Bears fans some hope. Hope is overrated.

Vikes 30 – Bears 13

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