Did The Raiders Offensive Line Purposely Get Derek Carr Hurt?

This morning, while on a radio appearance, blogger, podcaster and NFL wife Miko Grimes insinuated that Oakland’s offensive line allowed Derek Carr to be injured.

While on with the Breakfast Club, Grimes claimed that Derek Carr is a “bible thumper,” who insisted that all of his teammates to stand for the National Anthem, after hearing that the entire offensive line planned to kneel prior to the Sunday Night Football game @ Washington. This allegedly led to an argument in the locker room between the Raiders players. She went on to claim that because he didn’t support his players, they let him get hit and injured; (Carr was sacked 4 times by the Redskins that week, and 3 times by Denver the following week when he was injured).

The insinuation is jarring, and one that deserves to be discussed. Tensions are running high within the NFL right now over this protesting controversy. We seem to have gotten away from the actual cause for protests, which is police brutality against minorities. Distractions over the anthem, veterans etc. are just that. Nothing is more American than protesting, especially protesting the government.

However, these allegations are fictional, and couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if the players were mad at Carr, you must think pretty low of them to think they would abdicate their professional responsibilities and allow a player to be injured on purpose. Carr’s injury turned out to be a spinal fracture. More severe, and he’d be wheelchair bound. These players are professionals, and their job comes first. Stop and think how it helps anyone if they put poor effort on film, allow their QB to get injured and lose the game. Coaches, reporters and dedicated fans all watch film, and nobody every noticed a Raiders player loafing on a play, allowing a pass rusher to hit Carr.

These allegations have been refuted by Carr and the Raiders, as they should be. Players have been texting Dianna, who’s been all over the story. Let’s continue on with the NFL season and not pay any more attention to conspiracy theories and especially since Miko herself has come out to say that it was a guest on her podcast, not even her own original reporting. Let’s focus on tangible stories, and enjoy the second half of the NFL season together.


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