What Is A Reception In Football


Football statistics can be tough to keep up with. One offensive stat that often leaves fans with questions is the term reception. A reception in football is also known as a catch and occurs when a player catches a forward pass thrown from behind the line of scrimmage. Receptions are one of the key statistics … Read more

What Is A Screen Play In Football?

screen play

There are tons of different formations, schemes, and plays in the game of football. This ends up leaving many fans wondering what terms like “screen play” mean. A screen play in football is a passing play in which several players will abandon their usual assignment in order to move in front of the intended receiver … Read more

What Does PCT Mean In Football?


Football slang and acronyms can be confusing, one term that often has football fans asking questions is “PCT”. PCT in football means percentage and it stands for a team’s winning percentage. A teams PCT is what determines where a football team ranks in the standings. Unlike other sports where points are earned via wins and … Read more

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