What Is A WR In Football?

WR football

The acronym WR in football stands for wide receiver. The wide receiver position in football is responsible for catching forward passes from the quarterback. This position lines up near the sideline, for this reason, they earned the name wide receiver. In most offensive formations there are going two to three wide receivers on the field. … Read more

Understanding cover 3 defense

Cover three defense

Cover 3 in football refers to a zone defense that has three defenders responsible for covering the deep thirds of the defensive backfield. The other eight defenders include four players pass-rushing and four players playing underneath zones. Cover 3 defenses can be quite effective against the run. The strong safety playing closer to the line … Read more

What is a fumble in football?


A fumble in football occurs when a player loses possession of the ball before being tackled, scoring, or travelling out of bounds. In order for a player to fumble the football, he needs to have clear possession of the ball beforehand. When a ball is fumbled in football either team will be able to recover … Read more

What is a field goal in football?

field goal

A field goal in football occurs when the offensive team kicks the football through the uprights located in the back of the endzone. A field goal in football is worth three points and is the second-highest scoring play in the game. Teams will generally kick a field goal when they have gotten close to their … Read more