Eli Manning Super Bowl Wins

eli manning super bowl wins

Eli Manning has been a part of some of the most exciting Super Bowls of all time. Throughout his NFL career, Eli Manning often played the underdog role going up against some of the best NFL teams of all time in the most important games. How Many Super Bowls Did Eli Manning Win? Throughout his … Read more

Tom Brady Superbowl Wins

tom brady super bowl wins

Tom Brady is undeniably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game of football. Throughout his incredible career, Brady has won many Superbowls and broke countless records. This article is going to break down each of his Superbowl wins throughout his time in the NFL. How Many Rings Does Tom Brady Have? During his football … Read more

Where is Josh Allen From?

Where is josh allen from

Josh Allen is from Firebaugh California a twin of 8,000 people which is nearby Fresno California. Josh Allen grew up on his family’s farm, the main crops grown include cantaloupes, cotton and small grains. The farm itself is over 2,000 acres which meant Josh Allen did a lot of work around the farm growing up. … Read more

What Superbowls Did Tom Brady Lose?

Tom Brady Superbowl losses

We all know that Tom Brady is considered to be the best quarterback of all time. Throughout his career, he went to seven super bowls winning four and losing only three of them. Tom Brady’s three Superbowl losses came at the hands of Eli Manning’s Giants in the 2007 season, Eli Manning’s Giants a second … Read more

How Big Are Tom Brady’s Hands?

Tom Brady Hand size

Tom Brady’s hands measure 9.38 inches, this hand size is more or less average for someone at Tom Brady’s height which is six feet and four inches tall. When it comes to NFL quarterbacks this hand size is not very large. Some of the largest hand sizes by NFL quarterbacks include Ryan Fitzpatrick and Dak … Read more