What is a sack in football?


In football, a sack occurs when the quarterback is tackled before he can throw a pass or is forced out of bounds due to pressure from defensive players. Sacks in football are caused by defensive players that are engaged in the pass rush. The pass rush refers to players whose intention is to sack the … Read more

What is a carry in football?

carry football

A carry in football refers to a statistic that measures the number of plays in which a player rushed the ball. Carries in football include all touches that are considered rushing the football. This means it includes handoffs as well as lateral passes. Anytime an offensive player progresses the ball without a forward pass occurring … Read more

What Is A Pressure In Football?


A pressure in football is a pass-rushing statistic that is awarded when a player earns a sack, hurry, or quarterback knockdown. A pressure is a statistic that is awarded to defensive players when they rush the quarterback. To get a better understanding of this statistic we need to first break down the statistics that make … Read more

What Is A Reception In Football


Football statistics can be tough to keep up with. One offensive stat that often leaves fans with questions is the term reception. A reception in football is also known as a catch and occurs when a player catches a forward pass thrown from behind the line of scrimmage. Receptions are one of the key statistics … Read more