What Are Adds In Fantasy Football?

If you are new to the game of fantasy football you may be confused by all the different terminology and acronyms used in this hobby. One of the terms that often leave fantasy managers confused is ADDS.

Adds in fantasy football refers to adding players to your roster from free agency. When a new player is placed on your roster this is referred to as an add. When a player is removed from your roster this is referred to as a drop.

Throughout the season you can expect to add and drop many players from your fantasy team. The adds section on a fantasy website may be a list of players that were recently added to teams around the league.

Some fantasy websites also keep track of the number of players you have added to your roster throughout the year. This stat is sometimes kept under a column called adds.

Why Add Players To Your Fantasy Team

Now that you understand what ADDS is in fantasy football you may be wondering why you will need to add so many players throughout the year. Below we will break down the top reasons that you will add players to your fantasy team.

Bye Weeks

One of the main reasons you are going to add players to your fantasy team throughout the year is due to bye weeks.

Bye weeks in football refer to the one week each year where a team will not play a game. Throughout the season each team will have one bye week and these weeks are rotated amongst the teams.

This means if your quarterback’s team has a bye week you will be in need of another quarterback to plug into your starting lineup.

Finding these fill-in players to replace your starters on bye weeks is a common reason that fantasy managers pick up players. This is especially true for positions such as kicker or DST which tend to not have backups on your fantasy bench.


Injuries are going to be another reason why your fantasy team is going to be adding and dropping players throughout the season.

Whether you like it or not injuries are part of playing football and you can almost guarantee that a player in your starting lineup is going to injure themselves at some point in the season.

When injuries occur fantasy managers must look to the waiver wire in order to find a new player to put into their lineup.

Once they have found a player they want to replace their injured starter they will add them to their team.

Additionally, teams may add players to their team before an injury occurs. This way when a player does go down with an injury the team will have a backup player ready to go.

Players Exceeding Expectations

One more reason you may find yourself adding payers to your fantasy football team is that they are simply better than your starters.

Each year there will be at least a few players which will go undrafted in your fantasy league only to start producing great numbers when the year starts.

Fantasy managers will have to look for these players that are exceeding expectations in order to get them in your lineup first.

Additionally, some players in your lineup are likely to play below their expectations.

When this happens it may be time to take a look at the waiver wire. Finding a player that can produce at a better level than one of your starters is a great reason to add a player to your fantasy team.

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