basics of football

If you are looking to learn the game of football you are in the right place. The football basics section of our website is going to break down all the key aspects of the game that beginners need to know. 

Scoring Plays

The key to winning a football game is scoring more points than the opposing team. Though are several different ways in which a team can score in the game of football. The articles below will cover all the different scoring plays in football.

Concepts To Know

The game of football has a ton of rules and concepts you need to know to understand the game. If you are new to learning the game it will take time to understand all these rules. Read the articles below to understand some of the key rules to the game. 

Special Teams Plays

Special teams in football is the part of the game which does not include the offense or the defense. These plays usually involve the ball changing possession from one team to the other. 


Turnovers are a big part of football as they have a large influence on the game. Check out our guides to interceptions and fumbles to get a full understanding of these plays. 

Miscellaneous football questions

On top of our sections for beginners this portion of our site also answers tons of miscellaneous questions about the game of football. 

Check out the articles below to find out answers to many frequently asked football questions.

WR football

What Is A WR In Football?

The acronym WR in football stands for wide receiver. The wide receiver position in football is responsible for catching forward passes from the quarterback. This

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