The game of football has tons of terminology, strategies, formations, and plays that the average football fan might not know. I use the knowledge I have from following and playing the game to help you gain a better understanding of the game you love.

I understand that you may be sceptical of some of the information you read online. So I thought I would explain who we are on why you would like to take our opinion into consideration when learning the game of golf.

Hey there, my name is Nathan I’m the owner of fourvertsfootball and I have been an avid football fan for over fifteen years. Here at fourvertsfootball, I want to breakdown everything you need to know about football. I will use a combination of my personal knowledge as well as research to provide you with the most accurate and easy to read football information out there.

Our site is broken down into two major sections football terminology and football strategies. Read on to get a better understanding of what these sections mean for the site.

Football Terminology

This section of our website focuses on the lingo used in football that may not be common knowledge for most fans.

Terms like coffin corner, hard count and trap game are often said during football broadcasts. We hope to give you a better understanding of all the terms so you can understand the game at an even better level.

This section of our website will also allow you to understand the terms you may hear yelled by the quarterback refs and coaches. No more wondering the definition of offsetting penalties or why quarterbacks say “white eighty” prior to snapping the ball.

Our Terminology section is also broken up into positions. Say you are a cornerback you can head over to the cornerback category and learn more about defensive back terminologies like cushions and press coverage.

Football Strategy

This portion of the website will cover the more technical aspects of the game. Included in this section will be football concepts and plays.

This will include broad concepts such as understanding the cover 2 defense. These articles will breakdown how it works, who does what, and everything you need to know about how to play this defense effectively.

The plays section will breakdown specific plays like the statue of liberty or play action passes. These breakdowns will explain why the play works. When it will be effective and when it isn’t

This portion of the site is meant for those looking to improve at the game, coach the game, or learn the x’s and o’s for a better viewing experience.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, I am just another lover of football looking to bring my knowledge of the game to help out those looking to learn more. If you have any questions are comments you want to make regarding the articles or things you would like to write about you can do so through our contact page.

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