Hey, welcome to fourvertsfootball.com. This website was built to be used as a resource for football fans looking to gain a better understanding of this incredible game.

I’m Nate, the owner and writer of all the content on this site. I’m a massive Buffalo Bills fan and have watched every one of their games for the last thirteen years.

Through watching the game and playing in high school I’ve learned a few things. Now I break down everything you need to know about football in easy-to-read articles.

This site handles all sorts of football content from basic rules breakdowns to all the more technical football concepts.

This makes fourvertsfootball.com a great resource for football fans of all levels. Beginner football fans can start on our football basics page.

This page includes basic breakdowns of football scoring, key concepts of the game, as well as key terms often used when talking about football.

Those fans who loosely follow football may want to use our site to keep up with new rules or find answers to frequently asked questions often searched while watching a football game.

More advanced football fans may enjoy learning about more technical football concepts such as understanding gaps in football or defensive formations such as the 4-2-5.

Football Positions

One section of our website that can be a great resource is our positions page. In the game of football, there are a large number of positions.

So many that most fans do not have a great understanding of all the positions in football.

Our positions page has a breakdown of every single position on the football team. This includes obscure positions like personal protectors and long snappers.

More knowledgeable football fans may want to read up on more recent positions that have become mainstream. Terms such as edge rusher or off-ball linebacker were not commonplace a few years ago but are often used by analysts today.

Penalties And Rules

Another handy portion of fourvertsfootball.com is the penalties section. Luckily for us the NFL makes the rulebook available for fans and nerds to read online.

Most fans aren’t willing to do this when they have a question but luckily we have an article on almost every penalty in the rulebook.

This way fans are a quick search away from learning exactly what a penalty will be called for and how it is worded in the rulebook.

This can be a great way to get a better understanding of the game as you watch it live.

Football Strategy And Concepts

This portion of the website will cover the more technical aspects of the game. Included in this section will be football concepts and plays.

This will include broad concepts such as understanding the cover 2 defense. These articles will break down how it works, who does what, and everything you need to know about how to play this defense effectively.

The plays section will break down specific plays like the statue of liberty or play action passes. These breakdowns will explain why the play works. When it will be effective and when it isn’t

This portion of the site is meant for those looking to improve at the game, coach the game, or learn the x’s and o’s for a better viewing experience.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, I am just another lover of football looking to bring my knowledge of the game to help out those looking to learn more.

If you have any questions or comments you want to make regarding the articles or things you would like to write about you can do so through our contact page.