What Is Christian McCaffrey’s 40 Time?

Christian McCaffrey was selected 8th overall in the 2017 NFL draft by the Carolina Panthers. McCaffrey was an incredibly dominant player in college winning the Pac-12 player of the year. This running back’s ability to break off long touchdowns left many fans wondering what his 40 time is.

Christian McCaffrey ran an official 40 time of 4.48 seconds at the NFL combine in 2017. This was fast enough to put McCaffrey 4th fastest out of the running backs at the combine.

McCaffrey’s 4.48 40 time is considered official because it was recorded at the combine using electronic timing. Pro days will typically use stop watches to record unofficial 40 times for players that did not run at the combine.

Check out the 40 times of Travis Etienne or Derrick Henry for comparison with other running backs in the NFL.

What Was Christian McCaffrey’s Vertical Jump?

At the 2017 NFL combine McCaffrey had a vertical jump of 37.5 inches. This was quite an impressive feat by Mccaffrey as he had the second-highest vertical of all the running backs with only Alvin Kamara being higher.

The two top backs McCaffrey was competing with at the combine were Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook.

McCaffrey was able to beat them both in the 40-yard dash as well as beat them in the vertical jump.

Fournette and Cook had vertical jumps of 28.5 inches and 30.5 inches, noticeably lower than McCaffrey.

How Much Does McCaffrey Bench Press?

The one big negative to come out of Christian McCaffrey’s combine workout was his bench press.

At the NFL combine players are tasked with bench pressing two hundred twenty-five pounds for as many repetitions as possible.

Unfortunately for McCaffrey, this did not go very well for him.

McCaffrey benched pressed 225 pounds for ten reps at the NFL combine this was the second-lowest of all running backs at the combine.

Luckily for McCaffrey being a successful running back in the NFL does not require you to have good bench press numbers. Despite his poor result McCaffrey was drafted quite high for a running back and went on to have an incredible NFL career.

Christian McCaffrey’s Three Cone Drill?

Of all the drills that this Stanford running bak ran at the combine the three-cone drill was far and away the most impressive.

The three-cone drill involves a player making several tight turns and short sprints around a series of three pylons.

This drill is meant to determine a player’s ability to change direction quickly, a trait that is very valuable for running backs.

At the 2017 NFL combine McCaffrey completed the three cone drill in 6.57 seconds. Not only was this the best three-cone drill of all players at the combine it was actually the second-best from a running back since 2003.

Once he entered the NFL McCaffrey showed that this incredible three-cone drill time was not misleading. His ability to change directions and accelerate allowed him to become one of the best running backs in the NFL in only his first few years.

Judging by his performance at the combine it is better to go off a player’s athleticism shown in the three-cone or 40 time instead of going off their strength shown in the bench press.

That concludes our article on Christian McCaffrey’s 40 time see Najee Harris or Justin Jefferson’s 40 time if you want to learn more.

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  1. Christian McCaffrey had a great Combine…however, it is more important to have a great offensive line and a diversified attack, which keeps the safties at bay. There is no real difference between Dalvin Cook or for that matter even the GIANTS Barkley…a diversified offence and staying healthy. This is not track and field. There are too many moving parts to quantify…an elder at my Assembly of God Church was told by the Lord that yours truly was as good at his position as Odell Beckham is at his position. But I was injured…badly and never achieved the brass ring in the NFL. Though it was nice to have the Lord confirm my personal assessment. In my senio9r year in High School, Joe Paterno stated that I was one of the top 3 RB he saw on film that fall… Penn State was thew number one team in the nation.


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