How much do NFL waterboys make?

how much do waterboys make NFL

There is no NFL job as a waterboy. These employees are generally equipment staff that are assigned to give out water for a few hours during the game. These employees are paid very differently depending on if they are full-time or part-time. According to zip recruiter, equipment staff make roughly sixty thousand dollars per year … Read more

Do cheerleaders get Superbowl rings?

do cheerleaders get superbowl rings

Some NFL teams decide to give their cheerleaders Superbowl rings while others don’t. The decision of whether or not to give super bowl rings to the cheerleaders is usually decided by the owners. The super bowl rings awarded to players generally cost thirty to fifty thousand dollars. This is quite expensive even for an NFL … Read more

Do NFL players share hotel rooms?

do nfl players share hotel rooms

Despite making millions each year NFL players are often forced to share hotel rooms. Rookies and younger players in the league are the most likely to share a room on a road trip. Star players like franchise quarterbacks are often able to get single rooms due to their importance on the team. The decision to … Read more