Do cheerleaders get Superbowl rings?

Some NFL teams decide to give their cheerleaders Superbowl rings while others don’t. The decision of whether or not to give super bowl rings to the cheerleaders is usually decided by the owners.

The super bowl rings awarded to players generally cost thirty to fifty thousand dollars. This is quite expensive even for an NFL team which is why cheerleaders are rarely given the same rings as the players.

On some occasions, teams will give their cheerleaders pendants which have a Superbowl ring attached. This was done by the Eagles when they won their Superbowl in 2018.

That being said some teams still decide to give the rings to cheerleaders. When the Broncos won the Superbowl in 2017 all their cheerleaders were given Superbowl rings.

In the end, it is really up to the organization whether or not Superbowl rings are given to the cheerleaders. Generally speaking they are given some sort of memorabilia to commemorate the super bowl win.

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Do cheerleaders travel to away games?

It is no secret that most NFL teams have cheerleaders at their home games but do they travel to the away games as well?

The answer to this question is no cheerleaders do not travel or cheer when their team plays an away game.

Cheerleaders are more so a part of the game-day entertainment. When hosting a game having cheerleaders can help excite the fans and lead to a better game day experience.

When on the road there are not going to be many fans to impress. The cheerleaders are not there to pump up the players so when travelling they do not tag along.

Additionally getting cheerleaders to travel is an expensive option. NFL teams already have to find massive hotels for their players to stay in. This is due to the large rosters and all the coaching staff that comes along.

Cheerleaders do not get much camera time during a game. And since they are not pumping up anyone at an away game then it just doesn’t make sense for them to travel.

NFL teams just do not see the reasoning behind paying for their cheerleaders to travel every game.

The result of this is cheerleaders only get to cheer at eight or nine home games per season.

Do practice squad players get rings?

Though cheerleaders are not guaranteed to get a Superbowl ring practice squad players are.

These players often do not see live action during a game but certainly helped the team on their way to winning a championship. In practice, practice squad players are vital to allow the starters to prepare for the game.

These players are often tasked with imitating upcoming opponents so that the team can prepare.

These sorts of contributions to the team do not go unnoticed. When a team wins a Superbowl they are always going to give rings to the players on their practice squad/scout team.

How much money do cheerleaders make?

There are many people willing to do the job of an NFL cheerleader because of the status that comes with it.

The issue is all these willing workers mean that NFL teams do not pay these employees very much.

This result in most cheerleaders only making $100-$200 dollars on game days.

Cheerleaders will also be paid for their time rehearsing with the team but again this does not amount to very much.

The lack of pay for cheerleaders has been an issue in the NFL for quite some time. Several teams have decided to get rid of cheerleaders altogether due to the issues with pay.

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