Do NFL players share hotel rooms?

Despite making millions each year NFL players are often forced to share hotel rooms. Rookies and younger players in the league are the most likely to share a room on a road trip.

Star players like franchise quarterbacks are often able to get single rooms due to their importance on the team.

The decision to have players sleep in their own room or share is largely dependent on the owner. There are no NFL guidelines for hotel rooms so the owners will decide the rooms at their discretion.

Teams with more money to spend may be more likely to get solo rooms for their players. While cheaper franchises may be forced to share rooms between all their players.

Most often this is done on road trips when a team is playing an away game. But some teams will also stay in hotels the night before a home game.

Typically teams will find a hotel within thirty minutes of the stadium in the city they are visiting. When staying in the hotel they will often be given curfews by the coaching staff.

Additionally, teams will have their food organized for them at the hotel. For this reason, the hotels will usually book out large dining and meeting room areas for the football team.

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Why do teams stay in hotels before the games?

Most football fans understand why teams stay in hotels before away games. But when a team books hotel rooms for their players the night before a home game it can leave some fans confused.

Most teams stay at a hotel before home games due so due to tradition. Years ago this was quite a common practice for several reasons.

It improved the player’s chemistry as they were with one another the night before the game. It allowed the coaching staff to keep an eye on the players so they did not get into trouble.

Additionally, it made it easy to feed the players a proper meal the night before and the morning of the game.

When it comes to chemistry spending time together as a team is an effective tactic. Many different sports intentionally place players together for bonding activities in order to improve their play on the field.

The idea is if all the players spend time together before the game they will all come in motivated to win.

Keeping NFL players out of trouble is something that is often considered with travel in football. Teams will often not choose hotels in lively locations in order to make sure the players don’t lose focus on the game at hand.

By keeping home players in a hotel before the game they can be sure they are not up to no good. This may be an antiquated tactic but it is something some teams believe is still important.

Feeding the team is also easily done by keeping them all in one location. Eating properly the night and the day of the game is extremely important.

When in a hotel teams are able to order large quantities of food for their players. The large ballroom is used as a dining room and the players are all able to share a healthy meal together.

What types of hotels do NFL players stay at?

When you imagine professional athletes travelling for games it is easy to think of five-star hotels. Unfortunately for them, this is simply not the case.

When NFL players travel they are generally going to be staying in above-average hotels that are large in size and number of rooms.

When travelling with a football team there is going to be a lot of players and staff. In order to get rooms for all these players, a hotel with a large capacity must be found.

Most luxury hotels do not have enough room to fits all these players. On top of the rooms, the players also require large ballrooms or meeting rooms to be used for dining and team activities.

If the team needs the players to be brought together prior to the game they need an area they can do it in. For this reason, hotels that have large ballrooms meant for events are often used for this purpose.

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