What Is A Franchise Quarterback In Football?

A franchise quarterback is a player who has enough quality at the quarterback position that the team can build around them to win a championship.

If you are a fan of football you have likely heard the term franchise quarterback many times. A franchise quarterback is something every football team dreams of having.

If a team does not have one they are going to struggle to have any sort of chance to win a Superbowl. Since the NFL has become a passing league the most effective way to win a super bowl was to find yourself a franchise qb.

Teams can focus on running the ball or defense but very few teams win football’s ultimate prize without a franchise quarterback at the helm.

But how exactly do you decide which quarterbacks are franchise QBs and which aren’t?

It important to know the difference between a franchise quarterback, a franchise tag, and a franchise player. Check out our articles on these topics if you want to learn more.

What Makes A Player A Franchise Quarterback?

The simple definition of a franchise qb is that they are a player that the team can build around to win a Superbowl. But what sort of traits do these players possess to earn this moniker.


Arguably the most important factor that goes into determining whether or not a player is a franchise quarterback is their talent level.

Many quarterbacks come into this league but very few have the talent to hold their position on a team and play successfully.

To become the type of quarterback that an NFL is willing to commit to requires great talent . These quarterbacks need to show to the front office that finding a quarterback with better ability is very unlikely.

If a team believes they can upgrade significantly in the draft or free agency they will do so. Franchise quarterbacks play well enough that their team does not question their position on the roster and instead builds around them.

Leadership Maturity

Leadership and maturity are two other factors that play into the role of being a franchise quarterback.

In order to be the player, a front office builds a team around you need to be able to lead a locker room.

Some quarterbacks may not be as vocal leaders but they still need to be leaders. In times in which the team is down the franchise quarterback is one of the players that need to keep moral up.

Whether it is leading by example or by words a franchise quarterback needs to lead his team. This leadership and maturity is a huge part of keeping your position as quarterback.

If a quarterback begins to act immature or fails to be a leader for his teammates it can often result in this quarterback leaving the team.


One aspect that is not often talked about in terms of franchise quarterbacks is health. Many teams that have a franchise quarterback take this for granted as they simply expect their qb to be healthy.

Over the years many quarterbacks have entered the NFL only to have their careers cut short by injuries.

Many of these players fit the bill of a franchise qb yet failed to keep the position as the health did not allow them play consistently enough or at the same level.

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