What Is Stefon Diggs’ 40 Time?

Stefon Diggs was drafted one hundred forty-sixth overall in the 2015 NFL draft by the Minnesota Vikings. Diggs went on to be one of the biggest steals of the draft as he evolved into one of the best players in the league. His incredible play in the NFL left many fans wondering what Stefon Diggs’ 40 time is.

Stefon Diggs ran an official 40 time of 4.46 seconds at the 2015 NFL combine. This is considered an official time because it was recorded using electronic timing at the NFL combine.

A 4.46 40 time for Stefon Diggs was a quality time, especially for a player that does not depend on speed to beat his opponents. Stefon Diggs’s best ability is route running, paired with 4.4 speed allowed him to be one of the top wide receivers in the league.

How Big Are Stefon Diggs Hands?

One of the key measurements for Wide Receivers and quarterbacks at the combine is their hand size. This measurement allows teams to see if they fit the size requirements to excel at the position.

At the 2015 NFL combine Stefon Diggs’ hands measured at 10 inches. This is quite large for the wide receiver prospect and helped to raise Diggs’ draft stock.

The average wide receiver has a hand size of roughly 9.5 inches. And wide receivers have shown to perform better the larger their hands are.

Stefon Diggs having ten-inch hands at his height is a handy physical trait for the wide receivers.

In theory, larger hands make it much easier for wide receivers to secure passes. In the NFL only one player has put up a top twelve fantasy season with hands smaller than nine inches.

This goes to show how vital good hand size can be at this position.

Height And Weight

Stefon Diggs is six feet tall and weighs one hundred and ninety-one pounds. This is a fairly average size for the wide receiver position.

That being said the size of wide receivers can vary greatly due to different skills within the position. Some shorter receivers like Tyreek Hill can get by with their speed, while larger receivers like Mike Evans use their large frame to come down with passes.

Diggs fits somewhere in between having the ability to beat most corners on jump balls while also having enough speed to beat most defensive backs.

What Is Stefon Diggs Bench Press?

Diggs is not a wide receiver that is known for his strength but despite this, he put up quite impressive bench press numbers at the 2015 NFL combine.

At the combine players test their bench press by seeing how many times they are able to lift two hundred and twenty-five pounds. This means the players will lift a 45-pound barbell with two forty-five pounds plates on either side.

Diggs was able to bench two hundred and twenty five pounds for eleven reps at the combine.

This is not a large number compared to an offensive linemen or linebackers but it is still quite an impressive number.

For reference, Christian McCaffrey was only able to bench two hundred and twenty-five pounds for ten reps when he was tested at the combine.

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