What Is Mike Evans’ 40 Time?

Mike Evans is a wide receiver for the Tamp Bay Buccaneers and has been an incredibly productive player throughout his career. Evans earned several accolades throughout his NFL career including being the first receiver to earn 1000 receiving yards throughout his first eight seasons in the NFL.

Despite all these accolades many still do not know Mike Evans’ 40 time.

Mike Evans ran a 40-yard dash of 4.53 at the 2014 NFL combine. This is a fairly average 40 time for a wide receiver but Mike Evan’s frame of six foot five inches and two hundred and thirty-eight pounds made this time quite impressive.

Since Mike Evans ran his 40-yard dash at the NFL combine this is considered an official 40-yard dash time. This is because the combine uses electronic timing to record these drills more accurately.

After his combine workout Mike Evans was selected 7th overall in the 2014 NFL draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Pre Draft Strengths And Weaknesses

Like any other prospect, Mike Evans entered the league with some strengths and weaknesses assigned to him as a prospect. Now that Evans has succeeded in the league it can be interesting to look over these old takes.

Boxes out defenders and is a big red-zone target

One of the positives regarding Evans coming into the draft was that he was a great red-zone target. Throughout college, Evans had consistently beaten out defenders going for fifty fifty balls in the end zone.

This take was proven correct as Evans has scored a large number of touchdowns in the red zone throughout his career. Throughout his first eight seasons in the NFL Mike Evans has 75 touchdowns.

Very strong after the catch — slams into tacklers, is a load to bring down and leans for extra yardage

Another positive about Mike Evans as a prospect was that he was strong after the catch. Though he didn’t have the breakaway speed to outrun defenders he had the strength to beat them out with physicality.

This take has also been shown to be true as Evans often fights off the first defender to gain a few extra yards on his catches.

Strong, reliable hands

In college, Mike Evans displayed that he could be trusted when thrown the ball. As a wide receiver, he rarely dropped passes and could always be counted on to make the easy catches.

This remained true in the NFL as Mike Evans has never had an issue with drops. When in the red zone Evans is often the go-to target because he can be trusted with coming down with the ball.

Cannot separate vertically or pull away from the pack

One of the negative aspects of Mike Evans as a prospect is that scouts believed he would not be able to separate from his defenders at the NFL level. Getting separation downfield is crucial for catching deep passes.

This take was way off as one of Evans’ best traits in the NFL was his ability to catch deep passes. Though Evans doesn’t have the pure speed to beat players over the top he is able to use double moves and physicality to create separation when moving vertically.

Basketball was first love

Another knock against Mike Evans was that he preferred basketball over football. This may have been true for Evans in high school but since then he has not looked back.

As a wide receiver, Evans has been incredibly committed to the game and improving himself as a football player.

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