What was Tyreek Hill’s 40 Time?

Tyreek Hill is widely regarded as the fastest player in the NFL. Every Sunday you will see Tyreek easily outrun some of the fastest defenders on the football field. But since Tyreek Hill didn’t attend the combine many fans do not know his 40 yard dash time.

Tyreek Hill ran a forty yard dash time of 4.29 seconds at a West Alabama Pro Day.

Tyreek Hill was unable to attend the NFL combine due to domestic abuse charges against him.

The NFL combine is considered the most official time for 40-yard dashes due to their electric timing.

These charges also greatly affected Tyreek Hill’s Draft stock as he fell to the fifth round and was selected one hundred sixty-fifth overall.

Tyreek Hill Height And Weight

Tyreek Hill is 5 Foot 8 1/8 inches tall or 1.73m. This is quite short for an NFL receiver but due to Hill’s incredible speed, he is able to easily play the position without needing height.

Despite his small frame Hill weighs a total of one hundred eight-five pounds or eighty-four kilograms.

Has Tyreek Hill Won A Super Bowl?

Yes, Tyreek Hill has won one Super Bowl in his career as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs.

This Super Bowl victory came in the 2019 season with quarterback Patrick Mahomes at the helm for the chiefs.

The season started off tough for Hill as he injured his shoulder in the opening game of the year. Hill went to the hospital to have the injury looked at and was ultimately sidelined for five weeks.

Hill played well once he returned but this missed time resulted in this season being his lowest production since his rookie season. He ultimately ended the regular season with 860 receiving yards and seven touchdowns.

A noticeable drop from his 1479 yards and twelve touchdowns he had the year prior.

Tyreek also started off fairly slow in the playoffs with only three receptions for forty one receiving yards in the chiefs divisional-round victory over the Texans.

In the AFC championship, Hill stepped up his play with sixty-seven yards for two touchdowns in the Chiefs 35-24 victory over the Tennessee Titans.

In the Super Bowl, Tyreek Hill and the Chiefs were matched up against the San Fran Sisco 49ers. Hill had another great game with nine receptions for one hundred and nine yards.

One of those receptions came on a third and fifteen play in which Hill gained forty-four yards. This play was instrumental in the Chief’s comeback win.

This marked Tyreek Hill’s first Super Bowl win. Since this point, he has been to one more Super Bowl. After another great season, Mahomes and the chiefs made it back to the Super Bowl the next year against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

The Buccaneers easily won the game 31-9 giving Tyreek Hill a one and one record in the Super Bowl.

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