What Was Mac Jones’ 40 Time?

Mac Jones had a great season as the rookie quarterback of the New England Patriots. This pocket passing QB was primarily drafted for his ability to throw the ball but he has shown off his ability to run a few times as well.

Most notably his long run in the Pro Bowl that ended with him hitting the griddy on his way into the end zone.

Mac Jones’s fastest 40 time recorded was 4.68 seconds. This is noticeably quick than Tom Brady who ran a 5.28 40 yard dash in 2000.

Unfortunately, since there was not a combine in 2020 due to the pandemic Mac Jones forty times were done at the Alabama pro day.

Large schools like Alabama are a fairly trustworthy source for measurements but Pro Days are typically considered much less accurate than the NFL combine.

The NFL combine will primarily use laser timing when measuring forty yard dash times while. Some schools used hand timers when measuring their forty yard dash times. Hand timing can produce inaccurate results due to human error and reaction time.

Aside from his forty time Jones also had a three-cone drill of 7.04 seconds a vertical jump of 32 inches and a broad jump of nine feet eight inches.

Mac Jones Height And Weight

Mac Jones is six feet and two inches tall or more accurately 6″2 and 5/8 inches tall. This is a fairly average height for the quarterback position.

A larger frame would have boosted his draft stock a bit but being six foot two puts him at an appropriate frame to succeed as a quarterback in the NFL.

Mac Jones weighs two hundred and fourteen pounds or ninety-seven kilograms. This is again a fairly average weight for a quarterback of his size. It is expected that he will put on some more pounds as he gets later into his career.

His weight is not a huge factor in his play as this is not a quarterback that is expected to make many plays with his feet. His weight also will not help him much as he isn’t the sort of quarterback to break tackles or fight for extra yards.

Mac Jones Hand Size

Mac Jones’s hand size is 9.75 inches or nine and three-quarters of an inch. The average hand size for quarterbacks in the NFL is 9 and 7/10 inches. This puts Mac Jones just slightly above average in terms of quarterback hand size.

Tom Brady’s hand size measures 9.38 inches making him noticeably smaller than Mac Jones.

That is all on Mac jones 40 time to learn more see Daniel Jones 40 yard dash time or Zack Wilson’s 40 yard run splits.

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