What Was Daniel Jones’ 40 Time?

Daniel Jones was selected sixth overall by the New York Giants in the 2019 NFL Draft. This quarterback often surprises people with his speed on the football field but how fast did Daniel Jones run the 40-yard dash.

Daniel Jones ran an official 40-yard dash 4.81 seconds at the 2019 NFL combine. Keep in mind Jones is six feet five inches tall and weighs two hundred and thirty pounds.

It is also worth mentioning that the speed a player runs the 40-yard dash does not necessarily represent how fast they are on the football field.

The 40-yard dash is a drill that takes a lot more technique than most fans realize. For starters, the player must start his run out of a three-point stance.

Quarterbacks like Daniel Jones never line up in a three-point stance making this sort of movement completely new to them.

Players also rarely sprint forty yards in a straight line in the NFL. The 40-yard dash was originally created in order to time players to determine if they could chase down a punt.

The average punt travels roughly forty yards from the line of scrimmage and hangs in the air for four and half seconds. If a player could run the forty-yard dash in this time he could keep up with the punt as a gunner.

Daniel Jones running the football is more often going to involve short sprints towards the sideline. And if he is able to break off a long run he will not be starting out of a three-point stance.

Daniel Jones Pre Draft Strengths And Weaknesses

Like all prospects, scouts had a number of pros and cons regarding Daniel Jones as a quarterback. Now that he has entered the NFL it can be interesting to look over some of these old takes to see if they hold up.


Did more with less at skill positions

Entering the draft Jones was applauded for his ability to play well without having much going for him in terms of weapons.

The Giants presented a great opportunity for him to do that in the NFL. The Giants had a few okay receivers on their team but Jones’ weapons got worse the longer he was in the league.

Despite this Jones’ managed to put up solid numbers in terms so of production despite the lack of talent on his offense.

Outstanding accuracy on intermediate throws

Coming out of college Jones was highly rated for his accuracy on throws 10 to twenty yards down the field.

This was partially correct but Jones has actually succeeded the most in throwing the deep ball. Over the 2021 season, Daniel Jones was regarded as one of the most accurate deep ball throwers in the league.


Loose ball handling in face of pressure leads to fumbles

One of the pre-draft takes on Jones was that when pressured in the pocket he was prone to fumbling. Unfortunately for Jones and the Giants, this was one of the most accurate takes to come out of the draft.

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