What Is Randy Moss’ 40 Time?

Randy Moss was selected twenty-first overall in the 1998 NFL draft by the Minnesota Vikings. Moss is widely regarded as one of the best deep-ball receivers in NFL history. This leaves many fans wondering what Randy Moss’ 40 time is.

Randy Moss ran an unofficial 40 time of 4.25 seconds at the 1998 Marshall Pro Day. This 40-time is considered unofficial because it was recorded using hand timers.

Nowadays all official 40 times are recorded at the NFL combine using electronic timing via lasers at the start and end of the 40-yard dash.

Unofficial 40 times are primarily recorded using stopwatches. This was the case with Randy Moss’ 40-time he was unexpectedly forced to miss the combine due to having emergency surgery on his teeth.

Though since the NFL wasn’t electronic timing in 1998 he would have had an unofficial 40 time either way.

Who Is Faster Randy Moss Or Tyreek Hill?

Watching Randy Moss highlights it can be easy to see why football fans are curious whether or not he is faster than Tyreek Hill. Hill is currently the fastest player in the NFL and consistently beats defenders deep down the field.

Tyreek Hill ran an unofficial 40 time of 4.29 seconds while Moss ran an unofficial 40 time of 4.25 seconds. Since both these times were unofficial and recorded using hand timers this does not mean Hill is outright faster than Moss is.

Additionally running the forty-yard dash takes technique to get out of the three-point stance quickly and efficiently.

This makes the 40-yard dash a less effective way of determining which player is faster. Unfortunately, there is no better way to measure the speed of these two players.

Nowadays players have GPS trackers that can track the top speed they reached during a football game. If this sort of technology was around when Randy Moss played then that would be a clean-cut example of which wide receiver was faster.

Why was Moss drafted so late?

Throughout Randy Moss’ two seasons of college football at Marshall, he accumulated 3,529 receiving yards and a ridiculous 54 touchdowns.

Despite these incredible statistics Randy Moss fell to the 21st selection in the draft much lower than he was projected to be drafted.

The main reason behind the fall in Randy Moss’ draft stock was off the field issues. Some incidents such as missing a meeting with scouts before the draft further pushed these concerns to team management.

Before the draft itself, several teams came forward and stated they would not draft Moss with any pick. In most cases, these teams had already been burned by drafting players with legal issues and had decided now to do something like that again.

This resulted in the Minnesota Vikings getting an incredible bargain on Randy Moss. In his rookie season, he was able to accumulate 1,313 yards and seventeen touchdowns. This quickly showed the rest of the NFL what they missed out on by not drafting him.

Throughout his career, Randy Moss was so dominant as a wide receiver that the term mossed was used to describe plays in which a receiver dominates a defensive player when they go up for the ball.

That is all on Randy Moss’ 40 time check out some other pros speed such as Micheal Vick’s 40 time or Calvin “megatron” Johnson’s.

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