What Is Michael Vick’s 40 Time?

Michael Vick was the number one overall selection in the 2001 NFL draft. This quarterback went on to have one of the best careers of a dual-threat quarterback in history. Despite his ability to effectively run the ball, many fans do not know Michael Vick’s 40 time.

Michael Vick ran an official 40-time of 4.33 at the 2001 NFL combine. This was significantly faster than any other quarterback in the draft and one of the main reasons why Vick was selected first overall.

It is important to remember that this official forty-yard dash is different from unofficial times. Official times are often slower because they use electronic timing to determine how quickly the player completes the drill.

Unofficial 40 times use hand timers which human error can often cause a few milliseconds to be shaved off the time.

Vick was able to use this speed elite speed seen in his 40 time to become a dominant runner and passer in the NFL. In his first season in the league, he was able to rush for over 700 yards as well as score eight touchdowns.

Vick continued using the ground game as an effective tool to go with his passing throughout his NFL career.

Who is faster Lamar Jackson Or Michael Vick

Going off 40 yard dash time Michael Vick is faster than Lamar Jackson. Michael Vick had an official 40 time of 4.33 seconds while Lamar Jackson had an unofficial 40 time of 4.34 seconds.

Unofficial 40 times are almost always faster than official forty times. Since the players will take their lowest time of several reps in the 40 as their unofficial 40 time the human error of the stopwatch typically makes them faster.

This makes Vick slightly faster than Lamar Jackson in terms of the forty-yard dash. That being said there is more to speed than just 40 times.

The forty-yard dash was originally made in order to determine how quickly a player could cover the distance of a punt. When it comes to speed as a quarterback the ability to move short distances quickly is just as important as their top speed.

How Fast Can Michael Vick Run the 40 Now That He Is Retired?

Vick made headlines by running a 4.33-second forty-yard dash in the 2001 NFL combine but well into his thirties, this quarterback was still moving very well. This left many fans wondering how fast Michael Vick can run the forty-yard dash now that he is middle-aged.

At 40 years old Michael Vick attempted to re-run the forty-yard dash in order to see what his current time would be.

Ultimately it took him 4.72 seconds to cover the forty yards. This is quite impressive for a forty-year-old but Vick was not pleased as he stated “apparently I can’t run no more”.

For reference to average quarterback speeds in the forty-yard dash, Patrick Mahomes ran a 4.8 40 at the 2017 combine while Tom Brady ran a 5.28. This goes to show what a great athlete Vick was and still is.

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