What Is Rondale Moore’s 40 Time?

Rondale Moore was selected 49th overall in the 2021 NFL draft by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2021 NFL draft. Rondale Moore was primarily drafted due to his incredible athleticism. Despite being known as a speedster many fans do not know Rondale Moore’s 40 time.

Rondale Moore ran an unofficial 4.29 forty yard dash at Purdue’s 2021 pro day. Sub 4.3 seconds speed is quite rare which is why this 40 time made Rondale Moore’s draft stock jump as he approached the draft.

Other players in Moore’s draft class such as Jaylen Waddle, Devonta Smith, Kyle Pitts and Justin Fields were all unable to record official 40-yard dash times due to the pandemic.

Rondale Moore is a player that is incredibly dangerous once the ball is in his hands. Moore burst onto the scene in college with 2,048 all-purpose yards in his first year of college football.

Moore dealt with some injuries building up to his draft year resulting in his freshman year being the best of his collegiate career.

Pre Draft Strengths And Weaknesses

As a polarizing prospect scouts had a lot to say about Rondale Moore’s abilities. Now that he has entered the NFL it can be interesting to look back at the projections for Rondale Moore at the NFL level.

Races to top speed and maintains it through the route

One of the biggest plusses about Rondale Moore’s game was his ability to run routes with speed. Based on Rondale Moore’s 40-time scouts already knew he was fast.

But seeing he is able to reach this top speed quickly in his routes is very important. This makes him much harder to cover as he is able to accelerate quickly out of cuts.

So far Moore has shown this ability to get open, though it has primarily been for short passes which relied on yards after the catch.

Above-average play strength for his size

Another plus about Moore as a prospect was the strength he displayed for his small frame. Moore is undersized for his position as he is only five feet and seven inches tall.

Despite his small frame Moore does not shy away from contact. In the NFL he often took tacklers head-on and was able to earn several extra yards due to his efforts.

Since he caught so many balls near the line of scrimmage Moore was able to show off his strength on many occasions. Oftentimes making highlight-reel plays once he got the ball in his hands.

Instinctive reading of the field and creating yards after contact

One of the biggest strengths of Moore as a prospect was his ability to make a big play. He possessed great vision to find exactly where to go once he got the ball.

For this reason, Moore was able to be successful on punt returns and kick returns. Once in the NFL Moore was able to demand a large number of targets due to his ability to get yards after the catch.

Moore did alright with the ball in his hands in his rookie season but was not able to replicate the kind of production he saw in college.

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