What Is Kyle Pitts 40 Time?

Kyle Pitts is one of the most electrifying tight end prospects to entire the NFL. Drafted 4th overall by the Atlanta Falcons Kyle Pitts is the highest-drafted tight end of all time.

This tight end is known for his incredible receiving ability yet many fans do not know his 40 time.

Kyle Pitts ran the forty-yard dash in an unofficial 4.44 seconds. The NFL combine was cancelled in 2021 so his forty-yard dash was run at the Florida Gators pro day.

Though unofficial, this forty time was an incredible feat for Pitts who is six feet six inches tall and weigh 245 pounds or 111 kilograms.

The 2020 draft was a strange year for 40 times as players were not able to get official times recorded due to the NFL combine being cancelled.

Once the combine was cancelled players were forced to measure their forty times at their College’s pro days. This resulted in players like Jaylen Waddle And Devonta Smith not having official 40 times.

In these workouts, players will have their time recorded but it will always be considered unofficial.

At the NFL combine players, forty-yard dashes are measured through lasers. Once a player crosses through the laser the time will start and once they cross through the second laser the time will stop.

This gives the players an accurate reading of the drill. On pro days it is not uncommon for scouts and assistants to use hand timers. These hand timers are fairly accurate but can easily be off by a few milliseconds due to human error.

For this reason, the vast majority of prospects in the 2020 NFL draft did not have official 40-yard dash times.

Pre Draft Strengths Weaknesses

Mismatch For Defenses

One of the biggest pros for Kyle Pitts is that his size and speed make him a nightmare to match up against on defense.

Larger tight ends are often covered by linebackers in order to have the strength to break up passes and tackle them if necessary. Slot corners and safeties will also cover faster tight ends in order to match their speed.

But when it comes to huge and incredibly fast tight ends like Pitts there is no defensive players that can adequately match up with them.

Catches Passes At All Three Levels

Another benefit of Pitt’s game is that he can catch passes at all depths of the field.

This means he can run short routes to catch the ball near the line of scrimmage, run intermediate routes catching passes near the linebackers or run deep and catch passes around cornerbacks and safeties.

This allows an offense to use Pitts in all aspects of their offensive game plan.

Strong Consistent Hands

Another pre-draft positive about Pitts was his ability to catch the ball. Oftentimes these larger players do not have the coordination to consistently make catches at the NFL level.

This is not the case for Pitts who routinely made the catches he was expected to throughout his college career.

Pre Draft Weaknesses

Slight Refinements In Blocking

When it comes to weaknesses there was not much there for Pitts before the draft. One of the small things he could improve on was his blocking.

Pitts overall was a solid blocker throughout college though there were a few steps he could take to refine his game.

His ability to find defenders as a lead blocker and core strength needed to block on the line of scrimmage were two factors where Pitts could see improvement.

That is all for Kyle Pitts 40 time to check some of the other quick 40 times see DK Metcalfs’ combine speed or Justin Fields’ mobility.

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