What Is Justin Fields’ 40 Time?

Justin Fields is one of the many dual-threat quarterbacks to enter the NFL in recent years. Fields was selected 11th overall in the 2021 NFL draft by the Chicago Bears. This quarterback is known for his ability to extend plays and run with the ball yet many fans do not know his 40 time.

Justin Fields ran an unofficial 40 time of 4.44 at the Ohio State Pro day in 2021. The 2021 NFL combine was cancelled due to Covid 19 which meant Fields was not able to get an official 40 time.

The difference between running a 40-yard dash at a pro day versus a combine may seem trivial but the difference is actually quite important.

At the combine, the NFL uses electric timing which has lasers at the beginning and the end of the forty yards. This allows them to accurately test the time it took the player to complete the drill.

At pro days it is common for scouts to use hand timers in order to determine a player’s 40 time. This is a fairly accurate way to measure but due to human error, these times have a margin of error.

In 40 yard dashes every millisecond counts which is why all hand timed 40s are considered unofficial.

Justin Fields Height And Weight

Justin Fields is six feet three inches tall or 1.91 meters. This is a great height for a quarterback, the average quarterback in the NFL is six feet three inches tall which is exactly Field’s height.

Fields weigh 227 pounds which is fairly heavy for a quarterback of his body fat. Field’s height and weight make his forty time all the more impressive.

The fact that Field was able to run an unofficial 4.44 40 yard dash is quite impressive.

Pre Draft Strengths And Weaknesses


Toughness Willingness To Do What It Takes

One aspect of Field’s game that scouts loved was his willingness to do whatever it took to win the game. Whether it was taking a huge hit to make a throw or fighting through contact to gain some extra yards Field’s was happy to put his body on the line.

This sort of character trait is not something you can teach a quarterback which made Fields even more valuable when entering the draft.

Makes Quality Reads

For a college quarterback scouts were impressed with Fields ability to read the defense. Many colleges use fairly simple passing concepts that only require the quarterback to make a single read.

This wasn’t the case with fields who often progressed through multiple reads before making his throws.

Keep Teams Honest With His Legs

Field’s ability to run was another factor that had scouts appreciating this quarterback. The ability to use his legs forced teams to have a spy on the field.

This takes one more defender out of pass coverage making it easier for him to throw the ball.


Doesn’t Feel Pressure From Outside

One of the knocks against Justin Fields in the draft process was his inability to feel pressure in the pocket.

Throughout his collegiate career Fields often did not notice edge rushers making their way into the pocket. This resulted in more sacks and fumbles as he was not prepared to take these hits.

Needs To Improve Eye Manipulation

Scouts also wanted to see improvement in Field’s eye manipulation. Great quarterbacks will use their eyes to trick defenders into leaving open spaces on the field.

This is most commonly done by staring in one direction in order to move the safety. Once the safety moves the quarterback turns his head and completes a pass to the other side of the field.

That’s it on Justin Fields’ fourty time checkout some other speedy quarterbacks like Daniel Jones or Russel Wilson’s combine 40 time.

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