How To Be An NFL Referee Explained

how to become an NFL referee

If you are a fan of football you likely watch NFL referees in action every Sunday. Though the vast majority of fans do not know the path these referees take in order to get themselves into these games. Interestingly just like NFL players referees are also scouted. The NFL themselves have a team of scouts … Read more

What Is A Cornerback In Football

A cornerback in football is a defensive position that is mainly responsible for stopping the opposing team from completing forward passes. Cornerbacks spend most of their time covering wide receivers to ensure the opposing eam’s quarterback is not able to throw to them. Corners typically have a relatively small stature but make up for it … Read more

What Is A Flak Jacket In Football

A flak jacket in football is a piece of protective equipment typically used to protect the ribs and abdomen area. When wearing football shoulder pads you will find that any part of your upper body below your chest is virtually unprotected. The biggest risk of injury in this area is the ribs. A hard hit … Read more