Most Common Prop Bets Made During NFL


The thrill of a National Football League (NFL) game extends beyond cheering for your favorite
team. In the world of sports betting, especially the subset known as proposition betting or “prop” bets, the excitement takes a different form. These bets revolve around specific outcomes within the game, often not directly tied to the final score or winner. Let’s delve into the most common types of prop bets placed during NFL games.

Player Performance Prop Bets

Player performance prop bets are undoubtedly popular amongst the best sports betting apps. These bets are placed on individual player statistics for a particular game. For instance, bettors might wager on how many passing yards a quarterback will achieve or how many touchdowns a wide receiver will score. It’s not unheard of for die-hard fans to be more interested in their star player’s performance than the game’s final outcome.

Team Prop Bets

While player performance prop bets focus on individual achievements, team prop bets concentrate on the performance of an entire team during a game. Bettors could be looking at a range of factors – from the total yards gained by a team, the number of successful field goals, to the total number of interceptions. Such bets offer a broader scope for prediction and analysis, making them an interesting option for bettors.

Live Prop Bets

Welcome to the rapidly evolving world of live prop betting. These bets are placed while a game is in progress and can change dramatically as the game unfolds. Imagine betting on whether the next play will be a pass or a run or even predicting the outcome of the next penalty. Live prop bets keep you on your toes, ensuring your engagement remains high throughout the match.

Novelty Prop Bets

Now, let’s step away from the statistics and into the fun realm of novelty prop bets. These are wagers on events that have little to no relation to the sport itself. Novelty prop bets can involve anything from the length of the national anthem, the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach, to who will score the first touchdown. These bets add a dash of unpredictability and whimsy to the otherwise serious business of NFL betting.

Halftime Show Prop Bets

Last but not least, we have halftime show prop bets. As much a spectacle as the game itself, the halftime show has become an integral part of the NFL, especially during the Super Bowl. The halftime show prop bets can range from predicting the songs performed, guest appearances, to unexpected events during the performance.

Time-specific Prop Bets

Shifting gears, we land upon time-specific prop bets, which, as the name suggests, involve betting on the timing of certain events within the game. Bettors might wager on the length of the game, the time it takes for the first touchdown to be scored, or which quarter will have the highest score. Time-specific prop bets add a dimension of excitement as the clock becomes a pivotal aspect of the betting experience.

Special Bets: The Super Bowl

No discussion of NFL prop bets would be complete without mentioning the Super Bowl. The pinnacle event of the NFL season is also a zenith for prop bets, with an array of special bets associated with it. From wagers on the coin toss, the number of celebrity appearances to more off-beat ones like the pattern of the winning team’s quarterback’s socks, the Super Bowl prop
bets serve up a smorgasbord of options for the enthusiastic bettor.


All said and done, prop bets add an extra layer of entertainment to the NFL games. They allow you to engage with the game beyond just the basic win-loss scenario, making your viewing experience much more immersive and interactive. However, remember that even though these bets can make the game more exciting, they should be placed responsibly.

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