What does GB mean in fantasy football?

The acronym GB in fantasy football stands for games back. Games back displays how far you are back from the leader in the standings.

If you are one GB from your opponent you need to win your next game and they need to lose for you to catch them in the standings.

If your fantasy football league is broken down by divisions GB will refer to how many games back you are from the division leader.

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What is games back in football?

The term games back in football refer to how many wins you are behind your top opponent. This is a statistic in the standings that is used to give fantasy managers an easy way to see how far they are from leading.

The games back category is measured in terms of wins a team has compared to the top opponent in the standings.

It is important to know that one game back means you need to win and your opponent needs to lose for you to catch them.

If you win your matchup and so does the top team the number of games behind will stay the same. But if you win and your opponent loses your GB will decrease by one.

The higher number of GB the further you are from the top of the standings. While the lower the GB the lower you are in the standings.

If two players are tied in the top place you will notice their GB column is empty or 0. This is because they are not any games back from the leader as they are at the top of the standings.

Remember a tie in fantasy football results in a half a win and half a loss. So tieing a game will often result in your falling .5 of a game behind the leader.

How to use GB in fantasy football?

Now that you know GB in football refers to game back or games behind you may be wondering how you can use this statistic.

The best way to use GB in fantasy football is to quickly how big your lead or how far off you are.

Using games back fantasy managers can make some important decisions about the fantasy team.

GB at the trade deadline

The trade deadline is an important time in fantasy football. This is often the time in the season when you determine whether or not you want to take a shot at the championship.

Say for example your team is tied in the lead or one game back in the standings. You may realize this is your year to compete for the championship.

If this is the case you want to make some moves around the trade deadline. Getting one extra piece to like a starting wide receiver often be the difference in winning or losing a championship.

On the other side of the coin, a team may notice that at the trade deadline they are five games back from the leader. This may be time to swallow a tough pill and realize your fantasy season is over.

At this point you want to trade away some of your assets for draft picks in the future.

Making a push for the playoffs

When it comes to playoff time using the GB statistic can be helpful in determining what you need to get in. Say you are one game back all you need is a loss from your opponent and a win from your team to catch them in the standings.

This may change your lineup decisions or even waiver claims for that week. Using GB fantasy managers can get a quick read on the standings to see where they sit.

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