What does o mean in fantasy football?

The letter o in fantasy football is an injury designation that means out. When a player is given an out designation this means they are not going to be playing in the upcoming game.

This will give fantasy managers a heads up to remove this player from their starting lineup. Some fantasy apps will even send you a push notification if you have a player who has been declared out in your lineup.

What does out mean in fantasy football?

The term out in fantasy football means that a player has already been ruled out of the next game. If a player has been ruled out you are hopefully going to have their handcuff on your fantasy football team. . Regardless of what happens in the coming days, a player will not be able to play if he has already been ruled out for the game.

Out is one of three injury designations and the most severe of the three. The other two injury designations are questionable and doubtful.

When a player is questionable this means that have a fifty percent chance or better of playing in the upcoming game.

The majority of the time questionable players are going to get on the field for their next game.

The second-highest injury designation is doubtful. When a player is marked as doubtful in football this means they are unlikely to play in the next game.

The rough rule of thumb is that if a player has a 25% chance or less of playing in the game they will be marked as doubtful.

Though in practice the doubtful injury tag has been nearly the same as getting and out designation. In 2016 only four out of one hundred and sixty one players ended up playing after being marked as doubtful.

Previously the NFL also had a probable designation which was assigned to players who were injured but were likely to play in the coming game.

Ultimately almost every player on a probable tag ended up playing their next game.

For this reason, the NFL did away with the probable tag and now only uses questionable, doubtful, and out.

Why are players declared out?

Now that you know that the o beside your player means out you may be wondering why the player has been given this status.

The main reason that players are going to be declared out is due to injuries. Football is an incredibly physical game and every week players go down with serious injuries.

When a player has an injury that will need time to heal the team will often declare them out well in advance of the game.

NFL teams must share their injury reports with the league and significant injuries are part of that report.

If a player has a concussion for example and has not passed the required tests the team will release this information and the player will be marked as out.

Suspensions are another reason why a player might be designated as out for his upcoming game. Suspensions are fairly common in the NFL and can have a big effect on your fantasy team.

If one of your fantasy players is suspended you are going to want to know about it before the games start. For this reason, most fantasy leagues will mark a player with an o if he is out of the game for suspension.

This helps managers keep track of their lineup even if they don’t follow NFL news like suspension very closely.

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