What Does RZ Mean In Fantasy Football

If you are new to managing a fantasy football team you are likely still learning what all the different acronyms mean. One that is often asked about is RZ which is often present beside a players name during a game.

The acronym RZ in fantasy football means that a player is in the redzone. When a player has the RZ acronym beside their name it means that their offense is inside their opponent’s twenty yard line.

When a player has this designation it does not necessarily mean that they are on the field. This only keeps track of when an offense has possession of the ball within the twenty-yard line of their opponents.

The reason for this feature on fantasy websites is to let fantasy managers know that one of their players may score soon.

Oftentimes on football Sundays a fantasy team is going to have several players playing in different games at the same time. This makes it difficult to watch your players in action.

The best way to keep up with your fantasy team is to flip back and forth between games. Using a fantasy website and watching for what teams are in the RedZone is a great way to do this effectively.

Whenever a fantasy manager wants to watch his fantasy team score points the best time to do it is in the redzone. Touchdowns will gain you more fantasy points than any other play in fantasy football and the majority of touchdowns are scored from the redzone.

Other terms like RZ include ECR (expert consensus rankings) and ADP (average draft position) read up to learn more about these fantasy football acronyms.

What Players To Watch In The Redzone

Now that you know what RZ means in fantasy football it’s time to find out how to use this info to watch more touchdowns. Below we will break down which types of players you want to keep an eye on when you see the RZ pop up beside their name.

Goal Line Back

One type of player you want to watch in the redzone is goal line backs. Goal-line backs are the players that have been assigned the role of carrying the ball when near the opponent’s goal line.

These players excel at gaining short yardage due to their strength and size. When a team enters the redzone a goal-line back is usually the most likely player to score a touchdown on that possession.

If you want to watch your fantasy team rack up some points be sure to switch on the game when you have a goal-line back in the red zone.

Touchdown Dependant Tight End

Another player that can be entertaining to watch in the redzone is a touchdown dependant tight end. These are the sorts of players that don’t tend to get many receiving yards in a game but are often targeted in the red zone.

The reason these players are considered touchdown-dependent is that they often do not gain many fantasy points unless they score a touchdown.

Watching these players in the redzone can be exciting for several reasons. First off they get a large number of targets in the redzone which is always fun to watch.

Secondly, the redzone is likely going to make or break their performance that week.

Watching your tight end score an important touchdown and securing a solid fantasy output for the week can be very fun for fantasy managers.

Red Zone Threat Receiver

Another player which is exciting to watch inside the opponent’s twenty-yard line is the red zone receiver. These receivers are players whose skill set makes them a common target for the offense when near their opponent’s endzone.

Big body jump-ball receivers are often red zone threats due to their ability to win contested catches. Players that score a large number of touchdowns in this area can be difficult to stop for a defense.

Due to the threat of running defenses are often forced to put single coverage on high calibre receivers. This often results in easy touchdowns for red-zone threat receivers.

That’s all on RZ in fantasy football learn about IDP scoring or PMR in daily fantasy football to get a better understanding of fantasy football.

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