What Does PMR Mean In Fantasy Football

Fantasy football can be confusing with all its terminology and acronyms. One that often leaves fantasy football managers confused is PMR.

PMR in fantasy football means player minutes remaining. This statistic adds up the total minutes of game time a fantasy team or player has left in the matchup. This allows fantasy managers to get better insight into who is winning the matchup.

In fantasy football, it can be tough to determine where you stand in a matchup when one team has had more players in the early games that day.

Fantasy projections will take this into account but if you do not find the projections accurate you will need to use PMR to assess the matchup.

The player minutes remaining statistic in fantasy can be helpful statistic in several different types of fantasy football.

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Daily Fantasy

In daily fantasy football, fantasy managers will select a team of players that play in that day’s games. In most daily fantasy leagues there are going to be a large number of fantasy teams that will split the pot based on how their players performed.

PMR is a very handy statistic to use in this method of fantasy because it allows you to assess where each team is at quickly.

Leagues in daily fantasy will often have over 1000 entries meaning there are a lot of teams to analyze while the games are on. Usually, teams will look at the top teams on the leaderboard as well as the teams close to them.

By looking at each team’s PMR you will be able to determine if the team is truly in front of you or if they have just had more players in action so far.

The player minutes remaining statistic allows you to do this with a quick glance. Otherwise you will have to look into each players lineup and count out how many players they have had play.

Head To Head Fantasy

Another type of fantasy league that can get use of the player minutes remaining statistic is standard head-to-head fantasy.

In these leagues, you can use PMR to compare how many of your players have played versus your opponent.

As we stated earlier most fantasy leagues are going to have projections based on how many players you have remaining. Though those projections can often be inaccurate.

By looking at PMR in this situation you can simply determine how many minutes each team has remaining and use that as a tool to get more insight into your matchup.

Issues With PMR

The PMR statistic tends to be quite an accurate representation of how much your team is going to produce by the end of the matchup. Though it sometimes can be misleading when a player gets injured or is pulled from the game.

PMR is not always updated when a player is hurt or when a team removes their starters due to a large lead. This means you may see a high PMR despite knowing that some of your players are not going to play those minutes.

This is why you should quickly check your roster to determine that all your players are still in the game when analyzing your PMR.

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