What Does IDP Mean In Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football terminology can be confusing to those new to the game. One term that often has fantasy football managers asking questions is “IDP”.

IDP in fantasy football stands for individual defensive player. Instead of selecting an entire defense this fantasy position allows you to pick a specific player on a defense.

In essence, the IDP position in fantasy allows you to add some defensive players in the same way that you would add offensive players to your lineup.

The majority of fantasy football leagues tend to use the standard defense as opposed to the IDP. Though over recent years the individual defensive player position has become more popular in fantasy football leagues.

Other fantasy football acronyms like IDP include PMR and the slot position known as W/R/T.

How Does An IDP Earn Points?

Just like an offensive player an IDP earns points by making plays throughout the game. These defensive players will have several statistics measured to determine how many points they earned for their team.


A large portion of the points scored from defensive players are going to come from tackles. Solo tackles, assisted tackles as well as tackles for loss are all stats that will earn your IDP points in fantasy football.


Turnovers are the biggest play an individual defensive player can make in fantasy football. Forced fumbles, recovered fumbles, and interceptions will all earn IDPs a good chunk of points.

Additionally, if a defensive player is able to return one of these turnovers for a touchdown you will get a big boost in points.


Just as they earn you points in standard defense scoring sacks is another category that is going to earn points for your IDP.

This makes players that can get to the quarterback valuable in the IDP position.


Achieving a safety in football is relatively rare for a defensive player but if they are able to make they play they will earn you some fantasy points.

Safeties in football occur when a defensive player is able to tackle a ball carrier in their own endzone.

Passes Defended

Defending passes also referred to as PBUs are another stat that is going to earn some points for your team.

This statistic helps to keep defensive backs valuable in this format despite their lack of tackles compared to other positions.

IDPs that can earn passes defensed can earn your fantasy team some value from the secondary.

Common Positions At IDP

Now that you know how these defensive players can earn points for your fantasy team you may be wondering which position you should be targeting in your draft.


Linebacker is a position that you are going to want at the top of your list when it comes to independent defensive players.

In the 2020 fantasy season linebackers made up all ten of the top ten scoring IDP players.

These players are the top scorers on the defense due to their involvement in a large number of plays. Defensive backs and defensive linemen are going to make a play on the ball carrier at a much lower rate than linebackers.

Linebackers are also able to score points in almost every category. These players are heavily involved in tackling as well as pass coverage. This allows them to score fantasy points at a higher rate than most positions.


Safeties are another position that can score well in the defensive player slot. Since these players play deep coverage they are often able to defend passes and generate interceptions.

If a safety also pass rushes or is involved in the run game this is also going to help you earn points in the other defensive statistics.

More passive safeties are not usually big earners in terms of fantasy points. But those that often play near the line of scrimmage and gamble for interceptions can be extremely valuable.

Defensive End

The defensive end position is another that can earn some serious fantasy points at the IDP position.

Defensive ends are especially capable of earning sacks and forcing fumbles. Though these players are also able to get their hands up and often deflect passes at the line of scrimmage.

Especially dominant edge rushers often find themselves in the top twenty IDP players at the end of the year.

That’s all on IDP in football learn about drafting acronyms such as ADP which stands for average draft position or ECR which stands for expert consensus rankings.

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