What Is A Tackle For Loss In Football

A tackle for loss occurs in football when a ball carrier or runner is tackled behind the line of scrimmage. This means that when the player is tackled he is downed behind the location in which the ball was snapped.

Does A Sack Count As A Tackle For Loss?

No, the majority of stat keepers do not count a sack as a tackle for loss. Sacks and tackles for loss are considered separate statistics. That all being said some websites and stat keepers do count sacks as a TFL aka tackle for loss.

The defining factor that establishes that a sack does not count as a tackle for loss is that the NFL and associated Madden videos games do not count a sack as a TFL.

Why Does A Sack Not Count As A Tackle For Loss?

The main reason that sacks are not counted as a tackle for loss is that these two stats highlight two very different skill sets.

A sack itself represents a player’s ability to pass rush a quarterback who is attempting to throw the ball. While a tfl is attributed to a player that is able to tackle a runner before they reach the line of scrimmage.

Though somewhat similar these stats often have very different results. A tfl is usually a small loss of yards as running backs and receivers typically get the ball close to the line of scrimmage.

While a sack often occurs after a quarterback has taken a large drop back into the pocket. This results in a much larger loss of yards, often ending the drive as long conversions are quite difficult in the NFL.

Can Tackling A Quarterback Count As A TFL?

Yes despite a sack not counting for a tackle for loss, you are still able to get a TFL on the quarterback.

The only way in which you can get a tfl while tackling the quarterback is if they become a runner. If the quarterback decides to tuck the ball and progress the ball with his legs he then becomes a runner.

In these situations, a tackle on the quarterback should result in a tackle for loss as at this point the quarterback is trying to progress the ball like any other ball carrier.

That is all on tackles for loss learn about interceptions or batted passes if you enjoyed this guide on football statistics.

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