What Is A Reception In Football


Football statistics can be tough to keep up with. One offensive stat that often leaves fans with questions is the term reception. A reception in football is also known as a catch and occurs when a player catches a forward pass thrown from behind the line of scrimmage. Receptions are one of the key statistics … Read more

What Does PCT Mean In Football?


Football slang and acronyms can be confusing, one term that often has football fans asking questions is “PCT”. PCT in football means percentage and it stands for a team’s winning percentage. A teams PCT is what determines where a football team ranks in the standings. Unlike other sports where points are earned via wins and … Read more

What Are Air Yards In Football?

what are air yards

Air yards are an important factor when it comes to a wide receivers ability to produce, yet many football fans are not aware of what this football statistic means. Air yards in football is the total distance a ball travels in the air on passes to a specific receiver. When calculating total air yards it … Read more

What Does COMB Mean In Football Statistics

what does comb mean

Have you ever found yourself looking through football statistics wondering what some of those acronyms mean? If so you are in the right place because this article is going to answer the question “what does comb mean in football statistics?” Comb in football statistics is short for combined tackles. In football statistics, tackles are broken … Read more

What Is A Half Sack In Football

what is a half sack

When looking at game stats you may notice a few players will often end the game with half a sack. This leaves many fans wondering what exactly a half-sack is and why they are calculated like this. A half-sack in football is exactly what you think it is. When multiple players come together to sack … Read more

What Is Completion Percentage In Football

what is completion percentage

In football, completion percentage is a statistic used to measure a quarterbacks ability to complete passes. This statistic takes the number of throwing attempts a quarterback has and compares it with the number of those passes that were caught by his receivers. A percentage is derived by divided the number of attempted passes versus the … Read more