What does YPG mean in football stats?

The acronym YPG in football stats stands for yards per game. YPG can be used to record the number of passing yards, rushing yards, or receiving yards a player gets per game.

In football, statistics are a great way to measure teams up against one another. The trouble is due to bye weeks and injuries the players often have not played the same number of games.

One of the best ways to compare these players is to break their stats down to a per-game basis. Yards per game is a great stat that can be used to measure a player or team’s offensive output.

Yards per game passing

When it comes to passing yards per game is going to count the total amount of yards gained from passing plays.

This stat does not measure how far the ball travelled in the air on passes. Rather it measures the total yards gained from the line of scrimmage when the quarterback threw the ball.

If a player gains yards after catching a pass these will be added to the quarterbacks passing yards.

This stat adds together all the yards gained from passes aside from laterals.


Yards per game receiving measures the total amount of yards gained by players that catch the ball. As it is with passing yards this stat measures the yards gained from line of scrimmage.

It does not matter where a receiver caught the ball or how many yards were gained after the catch. Receiving yards are calculated based on how far that receiver progressed the ball past the line of scrimmage.

A player’s receiving yards per game will break down the average amount of passing yards gained from scrimmage each game.

Yards per game may also be used to calculate how many yards a receiver gained after catching the ball.


Rushing yards per game is a great way to measure the production of a running back. This stat measures how many yards a player games from the line of scrimmage when carrying the ball.

If a player is tackled behind the line of scrimmage they will lose rushing yards.

Since running backs also catch the ball as well. For this reason, measuring a runningbacks scrimmage yards per game can be a great way to determine their production.

YPG as an offense

On top of player statistics, YPG can also be used to measure to the total output of the offense.

Generally speaking, the NFL measures the effectiveness of an offense by how many yards they gained. The team with the highest yards per game is considered the number one offense.

On the other side of the ball, the defense also measures their YPG. This stat reflects how many yards a defense gives up in a game.

Just like the offense the NFL ranks the defense based on how many yards they allow. This makes YPG a very important stat for NFL defenses and offenses.

To measure YPG as a team all plays done by the offense and defense is totalled up based on the number of yards gained or lost.

Special teams plays such as kick returns, punt returns, or two-point conversions are not included in a team yards per game total.

That is all on ypg in football learn about other statistic acronyms in football such as car for carries or comb for combined tackles.

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