What does car mean in football stats?

The term car in football stands for carries and displays the number of times a player has rushed the football. Whenever a player is given the ball via a handoff or lateral pass they will be credited with a car (carry).

It is important to remember that car stat in football only refers to rushing attempts. If a player catches a forward pass they will be credited with a reception and not a carry.

This will be marked as rec instead of car.

Looking at the car statistic can be a great way to determine how many opportunities a ball carrier gets. If you are into fantasy football checking out each running backs car stat or their ff stats is essential.

This statistic will let you know how involved this player is in the offense. It will also display if their involvement is consistent each week or if it fluctuates.

You can also check out which CAR went the furthest from the line of scrimmage by looking at the LNG statistics which stands for long.

Which positions get carries in football?

Now that you know car in football statistics stands for carries you may be wondering what positions use this statistic.

Below we will break down the positions most likely to carry the football.


Running back is the position that is always going to lead the league in the car category. This position’s main purpose is to progress the ball downfield by carrying it.

These players typically line up in the backfield and are handed or tossed the ball from the quarterback.

Throughout a game, a runningback can expect to get many carries. With most running backs averaging four to five rushing yards per carry, it can take a lot of attempts to move the ball downfield.

You can also check out what sort of production a running back usually has by looking at their car statistic along with their YPG.

That being said running the ball is one of the best low-risk ways to run an offense. For this reason, runningbacks will often get carries late in a game in order to seal the win.


Another position that can rack up carries in football is the quarterback. These players are known for throwing the ball they can also rush with it as well.

In recent years the NFL has seen much more success from mobile quarterbacks. These players are able to throw the ball effectively but they are also able to run with it as well.

These players can accumulate carries in two different ways. First, they have designed runs in which they rush the ball to start the play just like a running back.

The other situation occurs when under pressure or when no receivers are open. When this happens the quarterback may scramble and move the ball downfield by himself.

Oftentimes the defense isn’t expecting the quarterback to run with the ball. This can leave plenty of open room for the quarterback to run.

On the year quarterbacks are going to have noticeably fewer carries than running backs but they are usually second in this category.


Though fullbacks are a dying breed in the NFL they are one of the few positions you will see with the car statistic in football.

These players are typically used for short-yardage situations. Fullbacks are bigger and bulkier than all the skill positions on the offense.

They do not have the speed of wide receivers or runningbacks but they definitely have the strength. These players are often able to pick up those few yards on a third short when you need them.

These players will often end the game with only a handful of carries as they are generally less effective than running backs when the ball is in their hands.

That is all on the car statistic learn other American football stats such as tgt which stands for targets or tfl which represents tackles for a loss.

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