What does Strk mean in football stats?

The Strk in football stats is short for streak. This statistic measures the number of games that a team has won or lost in a row.

When on a winning streak a team will have the number of games they won in a row displayed in the Strk column. To display that it is a series of wins there will be a W placed in front of the number.

For example, if a team has won three games in a row there Strk would be shown as 3W.

When a team is on a losing streak they are going to have their consecutive losses displayed via the strk statistic. If a team were to have lost four games in a row it would be displayed at 4L.

This statistic in football is always going to display the current loss or win streak. Even if a team has only won a single game it will be displayed as 1W.

Football fans can use this statistic to determine the recent form of any team. If an opponent is on a winning streak football fans will know they have a tough game coming up.

If the stat shows the opponents have lost a few in a row then you may realize your team has a trap game on the schedule.

What does PCT mean in football?

If you are checking out the NFL standings one of the terms that can often cause confusion is PCT. Similar the Strk statistic many fans are not aware of what it means.

PCT in football stands for percentage. This statistic measures a team’s winning percentage. This is an incredibly important statistic because it determines where each team ranks in the standings.

The team with the highest winning percentage is going to be at the top of the standings. While the team with the lowest will be at the bottom.

The winning percentage is calculated by measuring the number of wins a team has compared to the games played. By diving their wins by the number of games they have played you can determine the percentage of games that they have won.

A tie in football counts for half a loss and half a win. If a team has tie in their record then half a win will be added to their win column when calculating the winning percentage.

Where a team ranks in terms of winning percentage is going to determine if they make playoffs and what their seeding is. This is why PCT is one of if not the most important statistic in the standings.

What does PF and PA mean in football?

When checking out the standings in football there are two more stats that can lead to confusion. They are PF and PA typically these stats are displayed right beside the PCT statistic.

Pf and Pa in football stand for points for and points against. Points for measure the total amount of points that have been scored by the team throughout the season.

Pa as you may have guessed stands for points against. This statistic measures the total amount of points allowed by the team.

Of these two statistics points for is much more important. This is because of tiebreakers.

If two teams are equal in winning percentage tiebreakers are used in order to determine which team is higher in the standings.

When used in the NFL points for is going to be pretty far down the tiebreaker list. Teams will first compare divisional records, common opponents, and strength of schedule before getting to points for.

But in fantasy football players are going to want to pay more attention to the PF category. In tiebreakers, only head-to-head matchups and divisional records come before points for.

This means it is fairly common for points for to determine a teams position in the fantasy football standings.

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