What Is The Red Zone In Football?

The red zone in football represents the area of the football field that sits between the opponent’s twenty-yard line and the endzone. This area of the field is not literally red but rather signifies the area of the field in which the opponent is close to scoring.

The red zone in football is also used in a few different ways. First off the red zone is used as a way to measure a teams effectiveness when close to the endzone.

The statistic red zone efficiency shows a team’s ability to score touchdowns once they are within the opponent’s twenty-yard line.

This stat measures what per cent of positions in the red zone end up as a touchdown for the offense.

This statistic only measures for touchdowns as the entire red zone is easily in field goal range for kickers. This means that kickers should be able to convert a field goal from anywhere in the red zone.

This is why walking away from the redzone with only three points is often seen as a failure to capitalize.

On some occasions, the red zone is used commercially with sponserships. Local radio stations or television may decide to sponsor the redzone itself.

This will typically involve the name of the sponsoring company being read during the broadcast or being displayed on the screen.

Why Is It So Hard To Score In The Redzone

If you watch football often you may notice offenses marching all the way down the field only to be stopped easily once they enter the red zone. The reasoning for this is quite simple when in the red zone the defense has less ground to cover.

Positions that offer deep coverage like safeties often spend the majority of the play deep in the secondary.

This makes it difficult to help out in other sections of the field. When you are close to the goal line these defenders can start the play closer to the line of scrimmage.

This gives them more opportunities to contribute as they no longer have to worry about covering deep passes downfield.

Ultimately the offense will find there are more defenders covering a smaller portion of the field once they get into the red zone.

How offense and defense change in the redzone

Now that you know what the redzone is in football you may be wondering what the game looks like when playing in this section of the field.

Below we will explain how the offense and defense change up their strategies when in the redzone.


When in the redzone offenses like to utilize quick passes and rushing plays to get the ball in the endzone. The last thing the offense wants to happen while in the redzone is a quarterback sack.

Taking a sack is going to send the team backwards and make it much more unlikely that the team will score a touchdown.

For this reason, the offense is going to try and avoid negative plays.

When close to the goal line the offense is going to put an emphasis on rushing the ball.

This is because rushing the ball is an effective way to get the ball into the endzone. Rushing the ball is also less likely to result in a turnover or a large loss of yards.

To run the ball effectively near the goal line the offense will often bring in more blockers. This is referred to as a goal-line package and typically features many of the heaviest players on the offense all on the field at one time.


Defense in the redzone is fairly similar to how teams play defense on the rest of the field. Since the portion of the field they must cover is smaller these players are often more effective.

When the ball gets close to the goal line the defense will often make personnel changes of their own.

To combat the extra blockers coming onto the field the defense will often bring on an extra defensive lineman.

These players are effective at stopping the run and are large enough to take on the extra offensive lineman the offense is using.

Other Ways Red Zone Is Used In Football

Additionally, RedZone is a channel used for NFL coverage on Sundays. This channel simultaneously shows viewers all the games that are on at once. This is often done by hopping from game to game when teams are in a scoring position. Hence the name RedZone.

This channel has seen great success over years and it makes sense. This show displays football in its more exciting form. When a team is playing in the red zone you will likely see a scoring play or a goal-line stand. Both of which make great viewing for the fans.

This channel is hosted by just one person Scott Hanson. Hanson has been hosting the NFL Redzone channel since its inception eleven years ago.

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