What Is Dyami Brown’s 40 Time?

Dyami Brown is a wide receiver that played his college football at the University of North Carolina. Dyami Brown was selected in the third round of the 2021 NFL draft by the Washington Commanders.

Brown is primarily known as a deep ball receiver which leaves many fans wondering was is Dyami Brown’s 40 time.

Dyami Brown ran an unofficial 40-yard dash of 4.45 seconds at the University of North Carolina pro day. This time is considered unofficial because it was not recorded at the combine using electronic timing.

At six feet tall and weighing one hundred and eighty pounds this was a solid time for a wide receiver. It is not blazing fast like Tyreek Hill or Rondale Moore but it does show he has the adequate speed to be an NFL wide receiver.

Pre Draft Strengths And Weaknesses

Coming into the league Brown had a fair number of strengths and weaknesses according to scouts and analysts. Now that he has some experience in the NFL we can look back to see how these pre-draft opinions held up.

Home Run Threat In College

One of the biggest pros about Dyami Brown as a prospect was his home run hitting ability. In college, this receiver was often able to get open for deep passes. These long touchdowns impressed scouts and had them wondering if he could replicate this success at the next level.

Unfortunately for Brown his rookie year didn’t go so well totalling only 165 yards. Though he did impress on a few deep throws early in the season it was a rare occurrence.

Over-the-shoulder tracking talent with a consistent focus

Another positive of Brown coming out of college was his ability to track down the football. When a ball is thrown deep receivers will often have to adjust their routes in order to determine where the ball is going.

This is a skill that not all receivers have and makes players much more effective at coming down with deep passes.

Brown was able to show off this ability a few times in his first NFL season but did not have many opportunities. Shortly into the season Brown was benched and failed to see significant playing time from that point on.

Long body with long reach

Brown’s height and reach were two more factors that allowed him to succeed in college football. His catch radius is quite large which makes him an easy target for quarterbacks to throw to.

On a few occasions, Brown has taken advantage of this length and came down with some great catches. But his lack of opportunities meant he hasn’t shown off how good of a pass catcher he can be.

Doesn’t allow some routes to fully mature and manipulate coverage

Though Dyami Brown was able to come down with tough passes he is not always the best route runner.

At the NFL level, his routes fail to create a lot of separation from the defenders. So far this has been an issue for Brown.

Bad Drop Rate In College

While in college Dyami Brown had trouble consistently catching balls. Though he displayed a great ability to make difficult catches he also dropped easily catchable balls.

Coming into the NFL this was a concern for Brown. In his first season, he received twenty-five targets and had a total of two drops. Though this doesn’t seem like much dropping eight per cent of your targets is a lot.

Brown will need to fix his drop issue in order to become a mainstay in the NFL.

That is all on Dyami Brown’s 40 check out DK Metcalfs 40 time or Trey Lances 40 for reference.

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