What Was Lamar Jackson’s 40 Time?

Lamar Jackson took the NFL by storm winning the Most Valuable Player award in only his second year in the league. Jackson’s ability to run and throw the ball effectively allowed him to be one of the most successful dual-threat quarterbacks in recent memory.

But since Lamar Jackson did not run the forty-yard dash at the NFL combine many NFL fans do not know what his forty time is.

Though he did not attend the NFL combine Lamar Jackson ran a 4.34 second 40-yard dash at a Louisville Pro Day in 2017.

Though there are a few reasons why this may not be the most accurate measurement of this player’s speed. First of all the best place to measure a player’s 40 time is at the NFL combine.

Their advanced electronic timing offers the most accurate read of a player’s speed. Oftentimes at pro days coaches and assistants will use hand timers in order to measure a player’s speed.

Measuring the forty-yard dash via hand timing can be quite unreliable as the margins are so slim. A quarter second of human reaction time will greatly affect players’ forty time.

Additionally, Lamar Jackson himself said that he was suffering from turf toe at the time of running the forty yard dash.

Stating that if he were one hundred per cent healthy he would have been able to run a forty-yard dash faster than the 4.34 he was timed at. Unless Lamar attempts to run the forty on his own accord we will never know what his 40 time accurately is.

Lamar Jackson Height And Weight

In terms of height, Lamar Jackson is six feet and two inches tall. This is a fairly common size for a quarterback.

At the quarterback position, a few extra inches would help Lamar in terms of frame but there have been plenty of cases of successful quarterbacks that are six foot two or shorter.

Lamar Jackson weighs two hundred and two pounds or eighty-four kilograms. This may seem heavy but this is relatively light for a quarterback.

That being said more weight would not necessarily help Lamar. He needs to stay light in order to maintain the speed he often uses for rushing the ball.

Hand Size

Lamar Jackson hand size is 9.5 inches. To measure hand size in the NFL players will outstretch their hands and have the distance between the tip of their pinky and the tip of their thumb measured.

Over the last ten years, quarterbacks selected in the first round have an average hand size of 9.7 inches.

This means Lamar Jackson’s hands are slightly smaller than the average quarterback. That being said Tom Brady’s hands measure nine and a half inches and he is widely considered the greatest quarterback of all time.

Hand size debates for quarterbacks were largely put to bed after Joe Burrow’s hands were measured at nine inches only for him to play incredibly well at the NFL level.

That’s all on Lamar Jackson’s 40 time check out Josh Allen’s 40 or Russel Wilson’s 40 to compare the speed of these quarterbacks.

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