What Is Josh Allen’s 40 Time?

Josh Allen was selected 7th overall in the 2019 NFL draft. This dual-threat quarterback has shown the NFL he can move the ball by throwing it or carrying it himself. Despite this many NFL do not know Josh Allen’s 40 time.

Josh Allen ran an official 40-yard dash of 4.76 seconds at the 2018 NFL combine. This 40 time is considered official because it was recorded using electronic timing at the NFL combine.

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One reason that Josh Allen’s 40 time is impressive is due to his size. At the time of the combine, Allen was six foot five inches tall and weighed two hundred and thirty-eight pounds.

Additionally, it is likely that Josh Allen runs faster in game than he did in his forty-yard dash. The forty yard dash takes skill to perform well including getting out of a three-point stance with speed.

Just by watching Josh Allen’s 40-yard dash at the combine, you can tell he gets moving faster in live games.

Pre Draft Strengths And Weaknesses

Just like all prospects entering the draft Josh Allen had his fair share of criticisms. Now that he has spent a few seasons in the NFL it is time to look back at some of the pre-draft strengths and weaknesses to see if they hold up.

Rare arm strength and overall arm talent

One of the biggest pluses about Josh Allen entering the draft was his arm strength. Though Allen had not put up impressive stats in college he had displayed elite arm talent.

Scouts saw how valuable this was and proceeded to rank him higher than many quarterbacks that had better statistical seasons.

Once in the NFL Josh proved these scouts right as his arm strength allowed him to become one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL.

Turns into competent traffic director when scrambling

One positive about Josh Allen’s play before entering the NFL was his ability to scramble. Though Josh Allen did not always look fluid in his movements he is actually quite effective at moving in the pocket.

Allen has gone on to use these skills incredibly effectively in the NFL. Not only does he scramble to make to give himself more time he also is able to run the ball quite effectively.

Despite his average 40-time Josh Allen has racked up a large number of rushing yards throughout his career.

The Buffalo Bills have gone so far as to create designed runs for Josh Allen out of the quarterback position.

This has now become a large part of the Bill’s offense.

Never had completion rate higher than 56 percent in either season as a starter

Arguably the biggest knock against Josh Allen as a prospect was his accuracy. Throughout all his time playing football, he was never able to achieve a sixty per cent pass completion percentage.

Every successful quarterback in the NFL had reached this feat which made many fans and scouts doubt Josh Allen’s ability.

Once he started to play in the NFL Josh Allen was able to noticeably increase his accuracy and completion percentage. A lot of this improvement was due to time spent working on his throwing mechanics.

Allen significantly changed his throwing motion after entering the league in order to improve his accuracy.

Takes too many chances with low percentage throws

In college, Josh Allen had a tendency to play what fans often referred to as “hero ball”.

Instead of realizing that a play is dead and taking a loss, Allen would often attempt to make something out of nothing.

This would often result in sacs or interceptions on plays which could have simply been an incompletion.

In the NFL Allen still struggled with this for his first few years in the league. Though as he became more experienced the hero ball became less and less frequent.

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