What Is Deion Sanders’ 40 Time?

Deion Sanders is known as one of the greatest cornerbacks to ever play the game of football. On top of that Sanders has one of the most memorable 40-yard dashes of all time.

At the 1989 NFL combine Deion Sanders ran an unofficial 40-yard dash of 4.21 seconds. This forty time is considered unofficial because it occurred before the NFL started to use electronic timing.

Additionally, Deion Sanders ran this forty-yard dash in typical Sanders fashion. Sanders allegedly walked into the combine ran the 40-yard dash without stretching and proceeded to run right out of the building.

For reference, you can checkout Randy Moss’ 40 time or the much larger Calvin Johnson’s impressive time.

Though looking back on this forty time it is important to differentiate official times from unofficial times.

Official 40 yard dash times in football occur when a player completes this event at the NFL combine using electronic timing. Lasers are set up at the end and the beginning of the race in order to measure the athlete’s speed as accurately as possible.

Unofficial 40-yard dashes typically include players being timed by handheld stopwatches. Scouts will start and stop the watch by hand when they believe the runner has crossed the line.

Due to human error unofficial, 40 times can be fairly inaccurate.

What Is Deion Sanders Doing Now?

Now that he is retired Deion Sanders has begun coaching HBCU Jackson State. Jackson State College is a member of Division one football championship subdivision AKA the FBS.

Sanders’s first season as a coach was disrupted due to the Covid 19 pandemic. They only played seven games throughout that season of which they won four and lost three.

In his following season Coach, Sanders led the team to a school-best 11-2 record. Deion Sanders took home the Eddie Robinson Award as the best coach in the FCS.

Sanders was also able to use his fame and persona to recruit elite players to play in the Jackson State program.

Most notably Sanders recruited defensive back Travis Hunter the number one overall recruit in the 2022 class. This was an incredible feat for sanders as players of this calibre never sign with an FCS team.

Additionally, Deion Sanders had a docu-series made about his journey of joining Jackson State and coaching the team.

This docu-series is made by Barstool Sports and follows the team throughout the season as Sanders attempts to take this HBCU to new highs. This docu-series is called Coach Prime.

Why Is Deion Sanders In A Wheel Chair?

Deion Sanders was in a wheelchair over the 2021 season of Jackson State Football due to an old foot injury.

Sanders attempted to fix this injury through surgery and it ultimately turned into a much more complex issue.

Sanders all in completed eight surgeries throughout dealing with this foot injury. The final surgery ended with Sanders amputating his big toe as well as his second toe on his left foot.

For the last year, Sanders was unable to walk and move effectively without dealing with immense pain.

Though the amputation is not the end anyone was hoping for it will hopefully allow him more mobility and pain-free life.

That’s all for Deion Sanders 40 time, check out Ja’Marr Chase’s 40 yard dash or Travis Kelce’s to see how modern NFL compare.

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