What Is Travis Kelce’s 40 Time?

Travis Kelce was selected 63rd overall in the 2013 NFL draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. Kelce isn’t known as a speedster but his athleticism at his size is a large reason for his success. This leaves many fans wondering what Travis Kelce’s 40 time is.

Travis Kelce had an unofficial 40 time of 4.61 seconds at the University of Cincinnati pro day. Kelce had a sports Hernia during the NFL combine meaning he wasn’t able to get an official 40 time at the event.

Official and unofficial 40 times are quite different. Unofficial times are measured using hand timers while official 40-yard dashes use laser timing. This results in official times being much more accurate.

At six feet five inches tall and weighing two hundred and sixty pounds a 4.6-second forty-yard dash is a respectable time for Kelce. At the NFL level, Kelce has found a way to use this speed to win matchups against linebackers and other defensive players.

Pre Draft Criticisms

As a prospect Travis Kelce was far from the superstar he has turned into in the NFL. Like all prospects, he had a number of perceived strengths and weaknesses to his game.

Now that he has been in the NFL for a number of years it can be interesting to look back over these opinions of his playing ability.

Athletic for his size, with great strength, and the ability to stretch the field vertically

One of the biggest positives about Kelce as a prospect was his athletic ability for his size. Many players with this frame become stiff and often slow in their movements.

Kelce had the ideal frame of a tight end while still possessing great athletic ability.

Once in the NFL, this strength became one of Kelce’s biggest advantages in the league. His ability to move quickly and smoothly allowed him to be much more successful once going pro.

These traits were especially relevant for creating separation when route running as well as when gaining yards after the catch.

Tough to bring down after the catch

In college, Kelce showed off his ability to avoid and power through defenders looking to bring him down.

Kelce’s speed with his size made him a very difficult target to tackle. Smaller players such as defensive backs would have to lower themselves to take down a player of this size.

This change in tackling form often made it easier for Kelces to avoid tackles once the ball was in his hands. With this ability, Kelce was often able to take short passes for larger gains by gaining a large number of yards after the catch.

Suspended for an entire season for violating team rules

One of the biggest knocks against Kelce, as he came into the league, was his personality. In college, Kelce was forced to miss an entire season due to a violation of team rules.

This had many scouts wondering if this was the sort of player you wanted to bring onto an NFL team.

Kelce did not get many opportunities to play in college so missing a full season was a huge deal.

Fortunately, Kelce was able to get his act together and has not had any noticeable issues in his many years spent in the NFL.

Only one season of production

One issue regarding Travis Kelce as he entered the draft was that he had only had one full season in which he produced solid numbers.

In fact, before his final collegiate season, Kelce had only earned fourteen receptions in his college football career.

His final season was quite solid but scouts wondered if this production could be replicated consistently in the NFL.

Kelce has clearly proved this draft day weakness wrong as he has continued to produce incredible numbers over and over again throughout his career.

In fact, Kelce’s one year of college production is was much lower than almost every year in Travis Kelce’s career.

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