Tom Brady Superbowl Wins

Tom Brady is undeniably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game of football. Throughout his incredible career, Brady has won many Superbowls and broke countless records.

This article is going to break down each of his Superbowl wins throughout his time in the NFL.

How Many Rings Does Tom Brady Have?

During his football career, Tom Brady made it to ten Superbowls and won seven of them. This represents the record for most Superbowls won by a single player as well as most Superbowls reached by a single player.

Tom Brady’s Superbowl Wins And Losses

Now that you know Tom Brady won seven Superbowls and lost three it’s time to take a closer look at each of these games.

XXXVI: Patriots 20, Rams 17 (2002) – Brady’s First Ring

Tom Brady16/271451086.2

Superbowl XXXVI was the first championship for Tom Brady as well as the New England Patriots.

This was Tom Brady’s second year in the league and only his first as the team’s starter.

Tom Brady and the Patriots faced off against the St.Louis Rams and Kurt Warner. At the time the Rams offense was nicknamed “The Greatest Show On Turf” and ended the regular season with a 14-2 record.

The Patriots went 11-5 throughout the regular season though they did have the league’s sixth-best defense.

Due to a few turnovers, the Patriots were lead the Superbowl comfortably with a score of 17-3 by the third quarter.

Rams quarterback Kurt Warner was then able to string together back to back scoring drives to in order to tie the score up 17-17 with only a minute thirty remaining.

The first-year starter Brady then led a last-minute drive to get the New England Patriots into field goal range. As time expired Adam Vinatieri kicked a 48-yard field goal to win the game and get Brady his first Superbowl ring.

XXXVIII: Patriots 32, Panthers 29 (2004) Brady’s Second Ring

Tom Brady32/4835431100.5

Superbowl XXXVIII was Tom Brady’s second Superbowl win and one of the more exciting championship games that he played in.

Coming into the game Brady and the Patriots had a 14-2 record the second-best in the league. Their Opponents the Carolina Panthers had an 11-5 record that season, the Patriots were seven-point favourites entering the game.

To start this game both defense were in complete control with neither team scoring any points until there was three minutes and five seconds left in the first half.

Then in those final three minutes, the Patriots were able to score two touchdowns, and the Panthers were able to score a touchdown and a field goal.

This left the score 14-10 heading into the half. Strangely enough, both teams found their offenses shut down in the third quarter will both teams failing to record a single point.

What followed was the highest-scoring fourth quarter in NFL history which included 37 points scored.

Ultimately the Patriots were able to win the game off a 41-yard field goal made with four seconds left. Tom Brady earned his second ring and won the Superbowl MVP award for his performance in the game.

XXXIX: Patriots 24, Eagles 21 (2005) Brady’s Third Ring

Tom Brady23/3323620123.5

Superbowl XXXIX marked Tom Brady’s third championship win and his second in as many years. This made New England the second team to win three Superbowls in four years.

Entering the game New England had a regular-season record of 14-2 while the Philadelphia Eagles had a regular-season record of 13-3.

This game remained close with the score being 7-7 at halftime and 14-14 by the end of the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter, Brady and the Patriots scored a touchdown and a field goal to make it a two-score game.

Eagles quarterback Donovan Mcnabb threw a thirty-yard touchdown pass with a little over a minute remaining to cut the lead down but it wasn’t enough.

The Patriots franchise began to be recognized as a dynasty after winning their third Superbowl in four years.

XLII: Giants 17, Patriots 14 (2008) First Superbowl Loss

Tom Brady29/482661082.5

Superbowl XLII is widely regarded as the best Superbowl of all time. This matchup featured the 18-0 Patriots against the 13-6 Giants.

The Patriots had a chance to earn the second perfect season of all time and the first since the NFL expanded to a 16 game regular season.

This matchup was considered an easy win for the Patriots with them entering the game as 12 point favourites.

The game was overwhelmingly won by the defense with the score being 7-3 for New England as they entered the final quarter of play.

The Giants hit first in the fourth quarter with a three-yard touchdown pass, New England then responded with a touchdown of their own with two minutes fourty two seconds remaining.

What followed was one of the most famous drives in football history. The Giants moved the ball 88 yards and scored the winning touchdown on a drive that included David Tyree’s miraculous helmet catch.

This game is regarded as the biggest Superbowl upset of all time as well as one of the best Superbowls of all time.

XLVI: Giants 21, Patriots 17 (2012) Second Superbowl Loss

Tom Brady27/412762191.1

Superbowl XLVI marked Tom Brady’s second championship loss of his career and also his second championship loss to Eli Manning.

The Patriots entered the game with a 13-3 regular season record while the Giants went 9-7. The 9-7 regular season represented the lowest regular-season winning percentage by a Superbowl Champion team.

Though despite the large difference in records the Patriots were only 2.5 point favourites to win the game.

This game started with the Giants taking an early lead of nine points to zero. Brady and the Patriots responded by scoring seventeen straight points of their own.

Though Eli Manning and the Giants once again pulled off a late game-winning touchdown drive with Ahmad Bradshaw scoring with fifty seconds left in the game.

XLIX: Patriots 28, Seahawks 24 (2015) Brady’s Fourth Ring

Tom Brady37/5032842101.1

Superbowl XLIX was Brady’s fourth ring but more importantly, was the first Superbowl ring Brady had won in ten years. Despite dominating in the regular season the Patriots had continually been outed in the playoffs over the last decade.

The win against the Seahawks marked the Patriot’s second dynasty run. Both teams came into the Superbowl with 12-4 regular-season records.

This game was tied 14-14 at halftime but the Seahawks came out of the gate quickly in the second half scoring ten straight points.

The Patriots answered by scoring fourteen straight points in the fourth quarter to take a 28-24 lead in the game with two minutes remaining.

The Seahawks were able to take the ball all the way down to the Patriot’s one-yard line. What followed is one of the most famous Superbowl plays of all time in which Malcolm Butler intercepted Russel Wilson on the goal line.

This interception ended the game and earned Brady his fourth Superbowl ring.

LI: Patriots 34, Falcons 28 (OT) (2017) Brady’s Fifth Ring

Tom Brady43/624662195.2

Superbowl LI is another famous championship game and features the greatest comeback in Superbowl history.

The Patriots came into the game with a 14-2 regular season record while the Falcons went 11-5. Tom Brady and the Patriots were three-point favourites entering the game.

The game started all Falcons with Matt Ryan leading them to a 21-3 lead by halftime. The Falcons then extended the lead to 28-3 partway through the third quarter.

Tom Brady answered by leading the Patriots to score twenty-five unanswered points just before regulation time expired.

The Patriots then won the coin toss in overtime and proceeded to score a touchdown on their first possession earning them the win.

This was Brady’s fifth Superbowl victory and his fourth Superbowl MVP award.

LII: Eagles 41, Patriots 33 (2018) Third Superbowl Loss

Tom Brady28/4850530115.4

Superbowl LII was Brady’s third and final Superbowl loss. Interestingly this loss also came against an underdog team.

The Eagles had a 13-3 regular-season record but lost their starting quarterback Carson Wentz near the end of the season.

This meant backup Nick Foles had to lead the team in the Superbowl. The Patriots went into the game as five points favourites.

This championship game was an offensive battle with many offensive Superbowl records being broken.

The game was largely decided when Brady was sacked and fumbled resulting in an Eagles field goal with roughly a minute remaining. This stretched the Eagle’s lead to eight points which proved to be too much for the Patriots.

LIII: Patriots 13, Rams 3 (2019) Brady’s Sixth Ring

Tom Brady21/352620171.4

Superbowl LIII was Brady’s third championship appearance in a row, this time facing off against Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams.

The Rams had a 13-3 record throughout the season while the Patriots went 11-5. Despite this, the Patriots were two and half-point favourites in the game.

This was the lowest-scoring Superbowl of all time and featured a score of 3-3 entering the fourth quarter.

Brady and the Pats scored ten unanswered in the fourth quarter to take home another championship.

This was Brady’s sixth Superbowl ring officially giving him the most Superbowl rings of all time.

LV: Buccaneers 31, Chiefs 9 (2021) Brady’s Seventh And Final Ring

Tom Brady21/2920130125.8

Superbowl LV marked Tom Brady’s final Superbowl appearance. In this game, Brady faced off against Patrick Mahomes one of the best upcoming quarterbacks the game of football had seen.

This time Brady was part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as he had decided to leave the New England Patriots in the offseason. In his first year on the Bucs Brady was able to get them a Superbowl championship.

Despite the Chiefs being three-point favourites Brady and the Buccaneers won this Superbowl by a large margin.

The Patriots took the lead early and held onto it throughout the game. This gave Brady his record Seventh Superbowl Win and tenth appearance.

That is all Tom Brady’s Superbowl wins check if Aaron Rodger ever won a Superbowl or how many Superbowls peyton manning has won.

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