How Many Superbowls Has Peyton Manning Won?

Peyton Manning won two super bowls throughout his career. One in the 2006 season with the Indianapolis Colts and one in the 2015 season with the Denver Broncos.

Peyton’s first Super Bowl came in the 2006 NFL season after the Indianapolis colts went 12-4 throughout the regular season.

Despite this great regular season, the Colts did not get a bye for the first round of the playoffs. Manning beat the chiefs in the wild card round 23-8.

He then went on to beat the Ravens 15-6 in the divisional round. The AFC championship against the Patriots was a high scoring game that was needed overtime with the colts winning 38-34.

In the Superbowl, Manning and the Colts beat the beats 29-17 with Peyton taking home the Super Bowl MVP award.

Peyton’s second Super Bowl was won as a member of the Denver Broncos. This Super Bowl was won in the 2015 NFL season Peyton’s fourth year on the Broncos.

As a quarterback, Peyton Manning had also grown quite famous for yelling the term Omaha before the play.

The Broncos went 12-4 in the regular season and earned themselves a bye for the wild card round.

They then went on to beat the Steelers 23-16 in the divisional round. Next, the Broncos beat the Patriots 20-18 in the AFC championship.

The Super Bowl victory came against the Carolina Panthers in a game that ended 24-10.

Peyton Manning retired after this season making this super bowl victory the last game he played.

How many Superbowls did Peyton Manning Play In?

Throughout his career, Peyton Manning played in a total of four Superbowls.

He played in two Superbowls as the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts and two as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos.

In total Peyton Manning won two Superbowls and lost two Superbowls.

He had one win and one loss with the Colts and one win and one loss with the Broncos.

Who won more Superbowls Peyton Manning or Eli Manning?

Both Peyton Manning and Eli Manning won two Superbowls throughout their NFL careers.

Peyton Manning has the edge on reaching Superbowls as he appeared in four throughout his career while Eli only made it to two.

That being said Eli won every Super Bowl he played in while Peyton only won half of them.

Additionally, Eli Manning has two Super Bowl MVPs and Peyton only has one. It is also worth mentioning that Eli’s two championships were won with teams that went 10-6 and 9-7 in the regular season making their Super Bowl runs much more unlikely.

Peyton Mannings Superbowl Stats

Despite having an incredible career and winning two Superbowls Manning did not have the best statistics in these games. Below you can see Peyton Mannings Stat line from each of the Superbowls he played in.

Super Bowl XLI (2007) – Won

Peyton Manning25/382471181.8

Super Bowl XLIV (2009) – Lost

Peyton Manning31/453331188.5

Super Bowl XLVIII (2014) – Won

Peyton Manning34/492801273.5

Superbowl 50 (2016) – Lost

Peyton Manning13/23141 yards0 TDs1 Int56.6 Rating

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