Where is Josh Allen From?

Josh Allen is from Firebaugh California a twin of 8,000 people which is nearby Fresno California.

Josh Allen grew up on his family’s farm, the main crops grown include cantaloupes, cotton and small grains.

The farm itself is over 2,000 acres which meant Josh Allen did a lot of work around the farm growing up.

He also pitched in at his mother’s local restaurant washing dishes.

Growing up Josh Allen played all kinds of sports in high school. Even citing that playing sports was the best way for him and his siblings to get a break from working out in the fields.

Originally Josh’s grandfather immigrated from Sweden and settled in Firebaugh during the Great Depression.

His grandfather started the family farm that they still operate to this day.

Growing up Josh Allen played a lot of sports in addition to football, this is one of the reasons that Allen was considered a late bloomer on the football scene.

Where did Josh Allen go to college?

Coming out of high school Josh Allen did not have a single offer to any division one football program despite his best efforts.

For this reason, Josh Allen attended Reedley College, a junior college as a zero-star prospect.

Josh Allen only played one year at Reedley college in which he became the starter after three games.

Allen went on to throw for twenty-five touchdowns and only four interceptions.

After this season Allen sent out over one thousand emails to coaches and assistants all-around division one football.

Despite all these emails only Wyoming and Eastern Michigan offered him a spot on their team.

Ultimately Josh Allen choose to enrol at the University of Wyoming.

In his first year at Wyoming Allen was only able to make one start before injuring his collarbone taking him out for the season.

The following season Allen threw for over three thousand yards and was ready to commit to the NFL draft.

Ultimately Allen decided to wait another year before declaring. The following year Allen threw for 1800 yards and gained more experience on the field. Despite his lacklustre stats, Josh Allen was highly rated due to his arm strength and ability to run the ball.

After his third year at Wyoming Josh Allen declared for the draft and was ultimately selected in the first round by the Buffalo Bills.

Are Josh Allen and Kyle Allen Related?

No, despite the last name and both athletes being quarterbacks these two football players are not related.

In the off-season, Kyle Allen, Josh Allen, and Sam Darnold trained and lived together early in their careers.

The photos of the two quarterbacks both last-named Allen led many to believe they were related but this is not the case.

Additionally, Josh Allen is not related to Jared Allen or Jonathan Allen. These are just football players that share a common last name.

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