What Does It Mean When A Quarterback Can Make All The Throws?

Sometimes when scouting quarterbacks NFL pundits will makes comments regarding a prospects ability to “make all the throws”. Not all fans understand what this phrase means. That is why this article is going to break it all down for you.

When a quarterback coming into the league can make all the throws it means he has the ability and arm strength to complete all the necessary passes at an NFL level.

This usually means the QB in question has the skill set to complete not only routes of differing lengths but also fitting the ball into tight windows.

Some quarterbacks coming into the league do not have elite arm strength. These players may have been able to succeed at the collegiate level but due to the tighter coverage of the NFL they often fizzle out.

These would be considered quarterbacks that cannot make all the throws.

Key Factors In A Quarterback Making All The throws


The most obvious factor that goes into making all the throws is throwing distance. If you are going to complete deep passes in the NFL you need to be able to throw the ball a certain distance.

Deep balls do not necessarily need to be a speciality but the quarterback needs to be able to throw the ball the required distance.

This is why you will often see scouts gawking at a college quarterbacks ability to bomb a ball deep at their pro day.

Ball Speed

Ball speed is another important factor in making all the throws. Shorter routes like outs and hooks often require great ball speed.

This is because a slow ball will allow the defenders time to react. Instead of hanging the ball up in the air NFL quarterbacks need to be able to throw their balls with some zip.

This can make it a little harder to catch the ball but it makes the defending player’s jobs a lot harder.


On top the arm strength to throw a ball fast and far a quarterback also needs to be accurate. In order to make all the throws, a qb needs to be able to accurately hit players on all different routes.

Whether its a deep go route, a short slant, or a corner route this kind of quarterback needs to be able to hit their receivers consistently.


The final factor we are going to cover is touch. Though most routes require arm strength some require a little bit of finesse.

Fades and dump-offs to the flat are examples of throws that require touch. If a quarterback is to make all the throws he must be able to complete the shorter touch passes as well.

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