Has Aaron Rodgers Ever Won A Superbowl?

Yes, Aaron Rodgers has won one Superbowl. Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers won Superbowl XLV in 2010 against the Pittsburgh Steelers led by Ben Roethlisberger.

During this season the Packers went 10-6 in the regular season and were the sixth seed in the NFC. This was the first sixth seed NFC team to ever make it to a Superbowl.

The opposing Pittsburgh Steelers went 12-4 in the regular season that year, despite these regular-season records the Green Bay Packers were three-point favourites in this Superbowl game.

The Game Itself

The Superbowl started off great for Rodgers and the Packers as they took a twenty-one to three lead partway through the second quarter.

Though this was not the end of the game as the Steelers stormed back with a few touchdowns of their own. In the fourth quarter, the Steelers had cut the lead down to three with the score being 28-25.

The Packers were then able to string together one more drive and convert a field goal to take a six-point lead with two minutes and seven seconds remaining.

The Steelers had one more drive to win the game but were ultimately stopped by the Packer’s defense.

Aaron Rodgers was named the Superbowl MVP in his Superbowl win with a stat line of twenty-four of thirty-nine passes for 304 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions.

Rodgers Closest Calls

Despite only winning won Superbowl Aaron Rodgers has gone far into the playoffs on many occasions.

2014 Season

The 2014 season was one of Rodgers’s closest calls at making another Superbowl. Throughout the regular season, the Packers went twelve and four and were the first seed in the NFC.

Rodgers was also named the league MVP this year due to his incredible play throughout the regular season.

Their high seeding got them a bye for the first round of the playoffs. In the divisional round, the Packers faced off against the Dallas Cowboys and won 26-21. This allowed them to advance the NFC championship game.

Ultimately Rodgers and the Packers came up short losing a close one to the Seattle Seahawks 28-22 in overtime.

2016 Season 

The 2016 season was another year that Rodgers narrowly missed out on the super bowl.

Throughout the season Rodgers and the Packers went ten and six which meant they did not get a bye for the first round of the playoffs.

Instead, the packers had to go the wild card round where they smoked the giants 38-13.

The packers then played the Cowboys in the divisional round ultimately beating them 34-31.

Finally, the packers got to the NFC championship against the Atlanta Falcons. Unfortunately, the season ended here for the packers as they were easily beaten by the Falcons 44-21.

2019 Season

This season Rodgers and the packers went thirteen and three in the regular season and earned themselves a bye for the first round of the playoffs.

They went on to beat the Seahawks 28-23 in the divisional round.

Though the packers NFC championship struggles continued as they lost to the 49ers 37-20.

2020 Season

The 2020 NFL season was another one of Rodgers’s close calls in making it to the Super Bowl.

Throughout the regular season, the Packers went 13-3 with Rodgers being the league’s MVP.

The Packers had a bye for the wild card round and beat the rams 32-18 in the divisional round.

Though Rodgers lost again in the NFC championship this time to the Buccaneers thirty-one twenty-six.

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