What Is Garret Wilson’s 40 Time?

Garret Wilson is a wide receiver that spent his collegiate career playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Throughout his time playing in college, he earned many accolades including being named first-team All Big Ten in 2020 and second-team All Big Ten in 2021.

Despite being quite well known in the football world many fans do not Garret Wilson’s 40 time.

At the 2022 NFL combine Garret Wilson ran a 40-yard dash of 4.38 seconds. This was the seventh-fastest time for wide receivers at the 2022 combine. Though this year had an especially fast draft class.

A 40 time under 4.4 seconds is quite impressive, especially for a wide receiver that is six feet tall like Garret Wilson.

This was noticeably faster than other notable 2022 prospects such as Treylon Burks and slightly faster than Breece Hall’s 40 times.

It is also worth mentioning that this forty time is official because it was recorded at the combine using electronic timing. Many players record their 40 times at pro days which use hand timers.

Since they do not include electronic timing at pro days these results are considered unofficial.

Pre Draft Strengths And Weaknesses

Deceptive speed seems to surprise single coverage

One of the big positives coming out of college for Wilson is his deceptive speed. Despite continually beating cornerbacks for three years at Ohio state this wide receiver seemed to continually catch defenders off guard.

With a sub 4.4 forty-yard dash Wilson possesses some elite speed. Even at the NFL level if a cornerback fails to give him a proper cushion he will be able to beat him over the top.

Without safety help, many NFL cornerbacks are going to struggle to keep up with Garrett Wilson.

Shows feel for mixing up speed inside the route.

It’s one thing to have speed but it is another to know how to use it. Wilson is able to shake up his speed throughout his routes making him more difficult to cover.

Oftentimes young receivers know speed is their best asset and proceed to run every route at full speed. This can make these receivers somewhat predictable.

By changing up his speed throughout his routes Wilson is able to effectively beat his defender.

Brings in really difficult jump balls and 50-50

On top of having the natural speed to excel at the NFL level, Garrett Wilson also has the ability to bring down contested catches.

Winning jump balls is a skill that is difficult to teach which makes it a big plus Wilson already has this in his game.

If a player is able to bring down these passes then they are able to contribute even if they aren’t generating much separation. This is a big plus as some receivers struggle to beat NFL cornerbacks when first entering the league.

Linear release will get touched up by press

One negative aspect of Wilson’s game is that he may struggle against press coverage. Press coverage refers to when the cornerback starts the play right at the line of scrimmage.

This contact to start the route may be difficult for Wilson as he tends to release in a straight line from the line of scrimmage.

Cornerbacks will know this going into the game a be sure to get physical with Wilson as he starts his route.

That’s all on Garret Wilson’s 40 time check out some 40 times of greats like Deion Sanders or Tom Brady for comparison.

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