What Is Treylon Burks 40 Time?

Treylon Burks is a wide receiver who played his college football at Arkansas. Throughout his collegiate football career, Burks accomplished many feats including being named first-team all-SEC in 2021.

Despite accolades like this many fans do not know Treylon Burks 40-time.

Treylon Burks ran an official forty-yard dash of 4.55 seconds at the 2022 NFL combine. This time was the 22nd fastest 40 time for wide receivers at the 2022 combine.

This was a fairly slow forty yard dash time for Burks and was somewhat of a surprise to scouts who believed he was going to run a faster time.

Other rookies in his class beat his 40 time including Breece Hall and Garret Wilson.

After the draft, Burks encouraged those who were unimpressed with his 40 time to check out his highlights and see if anyone was able to catch him.

Treylon Burks does have a point, many fans do not know this but running the 40-yard dash takes a lot of technique. Some players can be incredibly fast on the field but struggle to replicate that speed at the combine.

Watching game footage of Burks is going to give you a better understanding of the speed he possesses.

Pre Draft Strength And Weakensses

Has size and body control to mismatch cornerbacks

One of the biggest pros regarding Burks entering the draft is his size and body control. To be an effective jump ball receiver in the NFL you need two key traits. First, the size to give the receiver an advantage over the cornerback in terms of height and lenght.

The second is body control, oftentimes with jump balls receivers will have to adjust to where the ball is placed. If you are big and uncoordinated this will not work, but if you are able to remain body control with the size it can be a dangerous combination.

Premium size/speed ratio

Despite Treylon Burks’s 40 time he is still a fast wide receiver. This paired with his six foot three inches two hundred and twenty-five-pound frame makes him a dangerous weapon.

With this speed and size Burks can be dangerous in the NFL. He is able to beat cornerbacks using his strength and size while also possessing the speed to create separation from them.

Needs to become more consistent with contested catches

One knock about Treylon Burks entering the draft is that he needs to find more consistency when fighting for balls.

A contested-catch refers to a situation in which Burks and a defender both have a shot at the ball. Though Burks has all the skills in order to win these balls consistently he fails to do so.

To meet his full potential Burks needs to find a way to use his speed and body control consistently to win these balls.

Occasionally makes unnecessary one-handed catch attempts

Another knock against Treylon Burks is that on some occasions he attempts to make one-handed catches when he doesn’t need to.

Though this is a negative for Burks it is something that can be easily fixed. With time in the NFL, coaches will ensure that these sorts of mistakes aren’t made on a regular basis.

That is it on Treylon Burks 40 time check out some superstars 40 times like Randy Moss’ or Deion Sanders’ for comparison.

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